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    Iraqi Officials Fear Daesh May Have Stolen Radioactive Material

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    Iraqi officials have lost track of "highly dangerous" radioactive material. Authorities are desperately tracking down the missing materials, and are worried that it may have fallen into the hands of Daesh (IS/Islamic State).

    Newly released documents describe "the theft of a highly dangerous radioactive source of Ir-192 with highly radioactive activity belong to SGS from a depot belonging to Weatherford in the Rafidhia area of Basra province."

    Weatherford is a US oilfield services company, and SGS is based in Istanbul.

    "We are afraid the radioactive element will fall into the hands of Daesh," a senior security official with knowledge of the theft said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "They could simply attach it to explosives to make a dirty bomb."

    Sidestepping the complex fission necessary to create a nuclear weapon, a dirty bomb uses nuclear material in a conventional bomb format to contaminate an area.

    Kept in a case roughly the size of a laptop, the material is considered a Category 2 radioactive by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and is used to test flaws in oil and gas pipelines. One official claimed that the case contained 10 grams of Ir-182 in capsule form.

    There are currently no leads in the disappearance, and no indication that the material has, in fact, fallen into the hands of the terrorist group, but all evidence points to an inside job.

    "[There were] no broken locks, no smashed doors and no evidence of forced entry," the official said.

    Earlier on Wednesday, reports surfaced that Belgian authorities had uncovered video that proved the Paris attackers had "greater ambitions" of conducting a nuclear attack in Europe. Discovered during a raid on the apartment of one of the suspects, the video consisted of ten hours of secretly recorded footage showing the home of the director of a Belgian nuclear research program.

    While a dirty bomb is the primary security concern, the material can also pose a risk by simply being left in a high-pedestrian area.

    "If they left it in some crowded place, that would be more of a risk. If they kept it together without shielding," said David Albright, a physicist and president of the Institute for Science and International Security. "Certainly it’s not insignificant. You could cause some panic with this. They would want to get this back."

    Counter-radiation teams have been deployed to oil sites, border crossings, and scrap yards in an effort to locate the stolen material, so have so far come up empty handed. Teams have also been dispatched to local hospitals to search for signs of victims suffering radiation poisoning.


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    • avatar
      Fell into their hands? After the terrorist American government fought two wars to remove weapons of mass destruction from Iraq they left behind this stuff. Lol.
      You mean to say. The terrorist American government has slipped weapons grade radioactive materials to Isis but wants you idiots to believe it just FELL into their hands. lol
    • A = π r 2in reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, other outlets say the material actually went missing in November yet the story is breaking now? interesting. interesting also that the story should even be broadcasted at all.

      most likely scenario is that someone got it confused with their lunchbox and was too embarrassed to fess up.
    • avatar
      With TPP enacted, you could not hold anyone accountable. The corporation has rights which trump that of any other sovereign entity.
    • avatar
      Scott Ritter (head of IAEA inspection team during first phase of Iraq take-down, later resigned) outed David Albright as fake scientist years ago. ISIS (Inst. Sci. Intern. Sec.; how ironic hun!?) is a Jewish pseudo-scientific organization who's job is to legitimize Zionist demonization of countries marked for take down. This ISIS actively promoted the booga booga of Iraqi WMD program and later Iranian new-killer program. Look up their website. If you have a level of acumen to recognize Jews, you will see most of group leader "scientists" are Jews, including of course David Albright.

      If this Jew-ISIS makes comments about what the mus-ISIS terrorists are planning to do, you should be able to conclude j-ISIS = m-ISIS.
    • Mother Gorilla
      This is why it is so important that these weaponsof mass destruction be forbidden, not only to Daesh, but to all of us, including the US...
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, ! eyes wide open (mine).
    • avatar
      "They could simply attach it to explosives to make a dirty bomb." .... anything else they need to know?... "a senior security official with knowledge of the theft said, speaking on condition of anonymity"....
    • Ann
      "Authorities are desperately tracking down the missing materials, and are worried that it may have fallen into the hands of Daesh (IS/Islamic State)" Well, not just any bloke can handle and deploy radioactive materials, so, my question would be - WHO IS THE CIA GOING TO ATTACK THIS TIME?
    • Ann in reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, Materials that were probably the same materials that went 'missing' in the US a few years ago. I agree with you all the way.
    • Ann in reply toA = π r 2(Show commentHide comment)
      ultravi01et, It's being broadcasted now, so that they can supposedly explain the questions coming AFTER the scheduled attack - where the material came from, how terrorists got it, etc. In the warmonger's eyes, it's just prudent planning.

      This will be the justification for the U.S.to break out the nukes...wait and see.
    • Ann in reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, Agreed.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Great. Now a dirty bomb might go off in Damascus.. It's a stretch but, hey, some countries right now are desperate to overthrow Assad. Very scary.
    • avatar
      suggestively worrying. :(
    • jaodernein garshinvic
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