16:18 GMT +320 February 2017
    Turkish army's armored vehicles (File)

    Playing With Fire: Turkey 'Wants to Annex' Part of Syria

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    Middle East
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    Rumors have long circulated that Turkey is planning to send ground troops to Syria. Although Ankara has repeatedly denied these claims, the ruling AKP party in fact wants to annex northern part of the war-torn Arab country, Professor Michel Chossudovsky told Radio Sputnik.

    "Forthcoming planned invasion of Syria" by Turkish and Saudi ground forces, according to the geopolitical analyst, was discussed at the NATO headquarters on the same day a ceasefire agreement was reached at the Munich security conference. Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization added that Turkish and Saudi representatives were present at Friday's meeting, which was chaired by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

    "Turkish forces are already [in Syria]," Chossudovsky noted, referring to the unconfirmed reports that Ankara allowed approximately 100 "Turkish soldiers or mercenaries" to cross into Syria in order to support rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad.

    The new development in this context, according to the analyst, is "the fact that Saudi Arabia at the request of the United States would be involved in ground operations under the pretext of going after [Daesh] fighters, which happen to be supported, recruited and funded by Saudi Arabia."

    Saudi officials made headlines earlier this month by confirming that Riyadh was ready to send conventional ground forces or special operations troops to Syria should the US-led coalition opt for this scenario. The operation, if launched, will ostensibly be aimed against Daesh, but many say that the oil kingdom in fact wants to prop Islamic radicals up.

    Saudi special forces (File)
    © AFP 2016/ MUSTAFA OZER
    Saudi special forces (File)

    Riyadh "is acting on the behalf of the United States. In effect, this means that US-supported forces would be inside Syria if this process goes ahead," Chossudovsky observed. For its part, Turkey "is not a 100-percent proxy of the United States. It has its own agenda. … It wants to annex part of Syrian territory."

    The geopolitical analyst also mentioned that the operation is coordinated "at the level of NATO and the Pentagon." If so, then "what we are dealing with is not an invasion by Turkey and Saudi Arabia; it is an invasion which is sponsored by the United States," Chossudovsky asserted.


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    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Mini dreams from mini erdo who thinks he's a big player....do you hear that? The winds of karma!
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      Regimes can't go around grabbing what they want anymore, without facing stiff opposition, and usually it is they who suffer the consequences.
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      If Syria join the Russian-Led Collective Security Treaty Organization, then an attack in Syria will be an attack in Russian and members of the Collective Organization Treaty, similar to NATO.

      You see still the UN does not take note of the Turkey bombing in Syria territory. There is not any UN resolution or condenation about this breach of the Syria state. The UN general is in the payroll of the USA.
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      Why can't NATO and the Pentagon just be honest and declare war on Russia and Syria? Rather than just fund their mercenaries to do the dirty work? Or would the voters say NO?
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      anne00mariein reply tolandauroj(Show commentHide comment)
      landauroj, Do remember that Nuland video 'FU EU' where she states that Ban Ki Moon is her man?
    • Mikhas
      Mad Mullah Erdogan want to "restore" the Ottoman Empire and fight "apostasy", that is what he wants.

      That and other medieval jihadist ideas he fantasised about during his time in prison. Problem with that is that he have a very limited primitive mind and society around him has developed.
    • avatar
      This game of speculation of "what if" is already every bit childish and is bordering on tabloid level. That is where I see Sputnik moving as if you have look over the titles relating to same subject you will see all different and contradictory. Most of them crying for attention and pleading for support. That inconsistency seams as that Sputnik journalists are spread on all four corners of the globe and do not know what is really going on.

      Everyone knows that relevant foreign military-political annalists are in concord that Russia is main player and that nothing will happen if Russia will strongly oppose that. Articles in Sputnik are crying what will SA do, what will Turkey do, what will USA do, what will Kurds do, what will Islanders do (?) well Island is not involved in Syria but still is nice add to the situation in Syria as the answer to what Island will do in Syria is absolutely equal to previous what other involved will do. The answer is clear NOTHING if Russia does not allow them to do, they will do nothing as no one has the means to counter Russia. Everyone now is realising that any involvement in Syria contrary to Russian will is one way ticket to heaven or hell but not to life on Earth.

      Basically it means it is all in Russian hands. If Russia decides that is already fed up with Turkish behaviour it could simply declare that it is going to take airport in Alepo province close to Turkish border and made its base there and if Turks fire one single shot they will in retaliation flatten and scorch 100km2 of the area from where shot arrived. Turkey knows that Russia has all means to do much, much worst to them than just scorch 100km2 , and NATO will not react as they surely will not go in war against Russia to protect terrorists and face possible annihilation of EU as such. Now already many NATO countries oppose support to Turkey as they know who Turks really are.

      Everyone knows the strength of the cards on table and who holds the most powerful hand and everyone tries to bluff just to see if they will get lucky and Russia will back down. Therefore it is clear if Russia tells to Saudis, Turks and USA that if they keep their dogs at home Russia will not release its tigers to eat them for a breakfast.

      Today every country on planet is well aware that Russia is absolute and undisputed superpower and therefore it is better not to poke in it as the reaction can be swift and extremely violent.

      So for conclusion: Russia! Make your mind up and decide what do you want. You have no other option in this point in time but to start to play very hard as if you lose Syria you might just close shop. In year or two there will be the end of your sales of energy to EU and that will be total stop. By losing this market you will be losing about 80 billion US$ and that means very, very hard times for you Mother Russia.


      When I was young and restless student we had so many fist fights and one thing I learned. Do not start fight as it is counterproductive, but if the fights starts defend your self with all might and cruelty you could master. Beat your opponent to pulp, make him think that you are going to kill him as then and only then he will get mortal fear towards you as he would believe that by pure chance he survived. This opponent will never ever face you again and it will avoid any, absolutely any confrontation with you. Further more by beating up in that fashion one or two opponents everyone will have deep respect for you and will leave you in peace even though they might fight between themselves, but no one will ever consider fighting you as an option, contrary to that they will seek your friendship.

      If you think carefully about that what I just described, you will realise that USA and NATO countries is exactly like I described that. USA fought in Korea and Vietnam and killed millions of people and that was good enough for NATO countries to get fear of their life in the bones. Now they are the most obedient US followers.
    • avatar
      Oh got it! They are going to do it because they want to unite Syrian and Turkish as well as Iraqi Kurdistans :)
    • rvmg
      People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
    • Aitken
      erdogollum needs a little russki firepower crammed up his a..
    • A = π r 2in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, ha. spot on.
    • avatar
      turkey, like many countries is being opportunistic...:(
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      Syrian Bashir Assad should vouch for the division of Turkey and Saudi instead.
    • Blackie
      Syria belongs only to Syria.
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      Honestly, it's time to reduce or altogether stop the speculations and analyses as to NATO's next step (may be read as battle-acting as if through Turkey) in it's longstanding war on God's humanity. It's much better to talk less and for humanity to prepare a final response to NATO/West/USA/the so-called ruling families and their agents.
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      cmat.wolfgangin reply toprofessor.hornblow(Show commentHide comment)
      I think that would depend on the number of ground troops the Sunni States move into Syria. Russia has (IMO) only military advisors on the ground and probably wouldn't put more in. Assad's army is much too small to be a match for Turkey and the Saudis.

      Russia could maybe convince Iran. But then it could lead to WW3.
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      cmat.wolfgangin reply toprofessor.hornblow(Show commentHide comment)
      I think that would depend on the number of ground troops the Sunni States move into Syria. Russia has (IMO) only military advisors on the ground and probably wouldn't put more in. Assad's army is much too small to be a match for Turkey and the Saudis.

      Russia could maybe convince Iran. But then it could lead to WW3.
    • avatar
      Terrorist American government.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Turkey was more than likely promised land from Syria in some form or fashion by U.S. oligarchs. Promised a leading role in a blockbuster script. Well,the script is being rewritten by the U.S. and Turkey's shot at this prime time grab is fading.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Keep your eye on the ball with this one. It's ultimately the U.S. government calling the shots and letting underlings like Turkey and Saudi Arabia have a pissing contest in Syria.
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