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    U.S President Barack Obama reaches out to shake hands with King Salman of Saudi Arabia at the G-20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015

    Washington, Riyadh 'Never Learn From Their Mistakes'

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    Middle East
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    Saudi Arabia’s military operation in Syria will only escalate the conflict and strengthen terrorist groups, yet another mistake by Riyadh and Washington, the Arab kingdom’s proxy, according to Princeton Woodrow Wilson School research scholar and former Iranian diplomat Seyed Hossein Mousavian.

    Washington and Riyadh do not learn from their mistakes, the analyst wrote for Al-Monitor, suggesting that the US is delusional if it believes that Syria will follow Egypt's scenario.

    "The United States supported the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and even flirted with supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The United States made the mistake of believing that Syria could follow in Egypt's footsteps, even though Syria had a far more sensitive sectarian and political balance than either of those countries," Mousavian wrote.

    Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar threw away their good relations with Syria as soon as they saw an opportunity for Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood to take over, seeking to achieve their goal at any price, by supporting extremists and bringing down the alawis. According to the diplomat, it was another mistake.

    Mousavian states that the Obama administration saw an opportunity to bring down the current Syrian government, but the five-year US policy in the region has rendered the resignation of Bashar Assad impossible.

    He further asserts that Washington shouldn't have let US Ambassador in Syria Robert Ford participate in demonstrations against the Syrian government, as it gave extremists the impression that Washington was on their side.  

    But the biggest US failure, according to Mousavian, was the decision to delegate authority for the creation of the Geneva-1 agreement to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Instead of diplomacy, those countries launched a major military attack, coupled with financial support, by using Syrian opposition factions. Assad had to answer with the all military capacity at his disposal, and that threw the chance for a peaceful resolution into the gutter.

    Syrian opposition, by any definition, has no credible leader, the analyst said. The legitimate Syrian army had to seek external assistance, and the conflict escalated, leading to an enormous, era-defining refugee crisis.

    All the groups that consider themselves "opposition" depend on sponsors, including tribal and regional affiliations, and they often shift allegiances and are led by religious fanatics seeking intractable goals, Mousavian states.

    "Every foreign member of IS [Daesh], al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra has entered Syria via NATO-member Turkey, where in many instances they were supplied with money, weapons, drugs, women and training camps and then sent off to Syria", he suggests.

    Saudi Arabia's operation, backed by Washington, will only help Daesh bolster its ideological position, and the consequences, already dire, will be disastrous, the diplomat said.


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      Washington's backing for Saudi is not guaranteed.
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      "but the five-year US policy in the region has rendered the resignation of Bashar Assad impossible"

      Exactly. Exactly.
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      Look at those two snakes
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      because they are both born IDIOT
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      Al saud family are the decendants from Isreal so please try to seperate, Al saud family are jews and America was founded by Christians, so did russia (Orthodox Christian,) but now America is controlled by zionist isrealis
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      What they are doing goes fair beyond "mistakes".
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      And don't forget Russia's mistakes. By saying " we ONLY here to tackle DAESH, and have nothing to do with war with other countries," is giving them the impression that Russia will betray Syria and allow a military coup from external players!!

      Russia MUST make it clear.

      Russia CANNOT allow this to happen. Or just, pack up and leave with tail between legs and be the WORLD'S BUFFOONS.
      And NEVER EVER any nation will trust Russia for ANYTHING. They will all HATE Russia.

      So change rhetoric's and tell them CLEAR.. ANY attack on Syria is an attack on Russia.Until Russia can defend itself. It still cannot defeat regional armies.

      Meanwhile, arm Syria to a more capable level. Help Iran get SU 30MK 2? faster. Get other solutions to protect assets at Syrian airports faster to both. Then , MAYBE with good luck, Russia will be just and observer and adviser.
      But don't forge false illusions to Turkey and Saudi. Let them know that Russia may intervene if it see fit. And is asked.
      NATO may not allow article 5. It states VERY clearly, that is for members receiving un provoked attacks. Or I been lied to.
      Turkey , not only sponsored terrorism and human trafficking, including minors. It IS attacking a sovereign nation.
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      michaelin reply totesseney61(Show commentHide comment)
      tesseney61, Russia was founded by orthodox christians???
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      cast235in reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, No... It was the RUS.. They were VIKINGS. Mixed with Slavic. Name was KIEVAN RUS, it happened in KIEV, Ukraine.. The RUS ( VIKINGS) went and killed whomever was running KIEV. Russia is UKRAINE.. And the M.... they allowed those pigs to remove Ukraine form Russia.
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      michaelin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, that's what my question was raising. The people who were there in what we consider Russia today were the ones who, in roughly the C9th were the victims of the northerners - the vikings. It was the vikings who set up in both, Novgorod and Kiev and then the rest is history as it were... The orthodox presence was later...or so my readings tell me. :)
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      cast235in reply totesseney61(Show commentHide comment)
      tesseney61, AMERICA was founded by Spain. Just go travel inside U.S. And see the Spanish names..
      When Spain got weakened with so much HEGEMONY claimed by Britain, Spain gave leberty to most of America, and gave Britain parts of now U.S. Britain began it's always thirst for colonization that at the end, ended with U.S declaring war against Britain,
      It was Russia that saved AMERICANS BACON. How?
      Russia had ships that were comparable and even better than Brits at the time.
      Remember Syria and U.S missile threat? Russia did the same. Blocking British NAVY for attacking U.S.
      Logic. IF Britain lost the NAVY, it will be years, befor another be raised. IF Russia lost the NAVY, AMERICANS would had built ship for free. Or Ship Russians to Russia. Either way, Russia could build the ships nearly overnight. Not Britain. Made sense.
      Pilgrims? they mostly died. Yet the church helped bring morals, or teachings, Later lost with Brit sphere of influence in Washington.
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      cast235in reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, From what I learned, the Orthodox church was or began in KIEV too. Right now the Patriarch cannot visit KIEV because the NAZIS forbid it.
      Vikings settled in Present Russia. But Russia or RUS was in Ukraine over a thousand years ago. Oh and if the Rus saw wars. One behind the next. Today, you find VIKING towns in Russia. You can travel and visit.
      The RUS, according to a professor , he told me, it mean "From The water " in old SLAVIC language. they were VIKINGS, They spoke old Norse and arrived in VIKING ships.
      Slavic became protectorate of the RUS. A revolt saw the RUS leaving. But when the rest wanted to eat Slavic's alive they went looking for the RUS, and agree to pay money etc, for protection. At some point someone had a great idea. Search for better place.
      Next the RUS arrived in Crimea. But moved into KIEV, Killed the leaders ad TOOK over. KIEVAN RUS was born. Perhaps the Orthodox church was there or the VIKING healers, went a turned Patriarch. I never really payed much attention to that part.
      One thing was clear. Since the death of the people ruling KIEV, Poland became arch enemy of KIEVAN RUS, and today still hates Russia. Wars broke out one after the next. Present MOSCOW was burned to the ground, when it was of wood. And Russian's ran for the water, wait till most left, killed the ones left behind and re construct. I learned once that Russian's then had supplies hidden by the waters. But never confirmed it. Hope this help... I'm moving on.
    • Beady-eyed Insomniac
      Saudi troops will not move without air support, and the US 'control' the Saudi airforce.

      In 2010 the Obama administration announced a $60 billion, 20-year agreement, the largest-ever US arms deal, which will provide Saudi Arabia with, among other things, 84 new F-15 fighter jets and 70 new Apache attack helicopters.

      Included was software etc to upgrade the AWACs system which is a radar based aircraft in the skies to monitor all aircraft, including those unseen by ground based radar.

      Most of the software included in the military package is heavily dependent on the US for regular updates and was configured to have less ability against other US military hardware of the same. eg US fighter jets. The aircraft cannot fly more than a month without US support, and some key digital features require US support after a few days of operation.

      Therefore is clear that the Saudi airforce can only operate effectively with the blessing of the US.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      The U.S. will do away with the Sauds like they did with Saddam Hussein. Look at how Saddam was in Washington's pocket for several decades but that didn't amount to much when he was no longer needed. Washington keeps all of it's allies in a precarious position so as to be able to drop them easily and quickly should plans become different. No country is safe being allied with Washington.
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      Crucial difference: those are NOT mistakes - they are intentions!
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      vendorin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, your professor was wrong. Rus did not mean 'from the water' it means fair haired or blonde Vikings

      рус (rus) "fair haired" or "fair/red bearded". There are many speculations that it also could mean "from over the sea" or "man who rows", yes it could be true only on the basis that the fair haired Vikings were identified by the way they arrived into these areas "by rowing", so the blonde Vikings are those who are coming to our lands in their small river boats, or Rus. Even today in all Slavic languages, in one form or another, it relates to hair - Русые волосы, Русе влосы, ruse kose, ruse włosy etc.
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