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    Russia delivered humanitarian aid to Syrian Kessab, Latakia Province

    NATO General: Russia Will Bring Peace to Syria, Turkey Offers Catastrophe

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    Middle East
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    Moscow has developed a plan that will bring an end to the brutal struggle which has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more in Syria; however, the West should ensure that Turkey won't undermine all efforts to resolve the crisis, former chairman of the NATO Military Committee Harald Kujat said.

    Western countries should have a more objective attitude towards Russia's role in Syria and abandon their prejudices, German General Kujat argued.

    Like all other parties involved, Russia has its own strategic interests in the region, but it does not mean that the government's northern ally should only be viewed only in a negative light. According to a former NATO representative, Western countries should give up their traditional thinking, according to which every Kremlin decision poses a "terrible threat" to the world.

    Moscow has a coordinated plan to combat the jihadists, and it is clear that ending the war is impossible without Russia's participation, Kujat stated.

    "There will be no peace in the region without Russia," the general told Huffington Post.

    According to Kujat, the successful military campaign in Aleppo is just the beginning. The ultimate goal is to liberate the country from terrorists, which now seems quite realistic. However, some countries which are involved in the conflict will try to prevent the implementation of the plan; Turkey was one of the first among them.

    The corridor between Aleppo and Turkey being fought for by Assad's army ultimately runs through areas under the control of the Kurds, who have achieved significant success in the fight against terrorists. However, Turkey is not going to stop with the bombing of these areas and is willing to continue its operation against Kurdish forces, which it views as its worst enemies. In addition, Ankara is planning to send ground troops to Syria than may undermine all efforts to resolve the crisis.

    "The Turkish intervention has the potential to transform the Syrian conflict into a global catastrophe," Kujat concluded.


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      There is ONE solution. KICK TURKEY OFF NATO. NATO is a military block. And like all GANGS MUST have protocols. Or the gang will perish and even will split with usually dire consequences. NATO have overseen that. NATO could split. Because the world is beginning to see the truth and where the blows come from. Is called NATO. IF you let your members go unchecked and do what they want, then to attack anyone that intervenes, be ready for the worst. the world will fear you, and the COWARDS, will pack up, and give the ONLY country capable of sustain such an attack, all it needs , to defeat the menace.
      Officer learn this FAST. Don't go setting off the hornets nests. Or pay the price.
      They scared of U.S, NATO, U.K the financial powers and more. A world west created, and now the minions are scared, to death. They saw Ukraine's coup, Syrian horrors, Israeli occupation horrors, and more. And they know they'll be next. And who can stop all cold on their tracks. RUSSIA.

      IF Turkey is NOT stop by NATO, means NATO is a DESPOT and disregard human lives.
    • Is it because I am black?
      This Kujat is a good man, he has said that NATO shouldn't have escalated the problems in Ukraine, and negotiated rather than imposed sanctions after the referendum in Crimea. He is also on record for a while already for approving the Russian actions in Syria.
      However, he is for continued NATO involvement in Afghanistan." Moderate Al NATO"
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      That comment will likely cost him his job within NATO.
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      There aren't many years since this speech and despite differences between leaders as for the current times, they share the same human motive: to protect civilians from massacre.
      May too the Palestinian people be able to prosper in their own homeland of Palestine.
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      It is a pathological relationship between the Turks and the Kurds. If the Turks see them as their worst enemies why in hell would they wan them in their country? You can not kick them out and keep the empty land as 10 million would need to be replaced so instead as it was done in Sudan, Cyprus, Kosovo, Crimea, cut the losses and move on. At the end of the day, Kurds will have their country whether Erdogan likes it or not.
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      vendorin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, he is already a former....
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      rasojin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, Maybe NATO likes having Turkey play the role of insane war instigator.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, I agree. 'In an age of deceit the telling of truth becomes revolutionary' - George Orwell.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      ptcjm, perhaps the so called palestinian people could prosper if they booted HAMAS and HMAS"s charter.
    • Eva Brown
      People forget that Muslim Brotherhood rules the Ottomans. Muslim Brotherhood are close DAESH or ISIS and that's why Ottomans Saudis Qataris and others support train and finance all those Islamic nazist groups that represent at end the real Islam. Iran have it's own terror Islamic nazist group Hezbolah among others . The difference betewen them is not big is a family discussion that they don"t care if during their peacefull discussions they clean meedle east from all kind of minorities and some few millioms of them they give a sh*t only civilized countries fell what i call Pornographic compassion. In fact islam give a sh't to life women are 3 class elements and men the 1 class the second are camels . When a muslim wants appeal for western compassion he is the first to send or put their children on death danger or using them as human shields one time they die they become martyrs ... and if a boy he gets immediatly 72 virgins even if the boy is with 1 year old ... is a miracle. The west christians today look to religions as peaceful but in fact Islam is a Cult of conquest submission were free speech and free will is impossible their holly book kuoran explain everything war conquest rape enslavement economic and financial issues terrorism etc... Islam is not a religion but a devil's cult.
    • Todor Todorovin reply toEva Brown(Show commentHide comment)
      Eva Brown, I have read the Quran and I can not agree with you. Read it yourself and you will see that you are wrong. Now, if you are talking about particular Hadiths (which are interpretations of the Quran and of what Mohamed said verbally), there are some extreme conclusions. That said every religion has extreme interpretations or sects, that does not mean that the main religion is extreme.
    • Baybarsin reply toEva Brown(Show commentHide comment)
      Eva Brown, Like Todor, I too have studied the Quran and the Muslim faith and feel that you are only repeating the fear mongering and lies put forward by western media and governments.

      Wahhabi Islam is about as Muslim as Zionists are Jewish; it is a horrible off-shoot of what has for centuries been a peaceful religion. If you want to dig up the early days of Islamic expansion into Asia as an example of how 'war like' they are then I will return with Christianity and the Crusades or the Inquisition; both horrible deviations from the true word of Jesus (PBUH).

      No where in the Quran does it say 72 virgins. Even when the Quran tells Muslims to defend their faith in the face of attack, each surah is ended with the phrase "forgiveness is better, if you but knew it."

      Shall we say to the world that every Eva is the wife of Hitler just because one was? No, of course not because that would be ignorant.
    • Skevinin reply toEva Brown(Show commentHide comment)
      Eva Brown, Big approximation. Hezbollah is a Lebanese organisation and Lebanon is one of the rare countries where several religion coexist peacefully (I speak about internal ones). Hezbollah is considered as a terrorist organisation by USA, EU and all the Gulf monarchy and Israel. This mixed salad of so called democracies and of feudal ignominious regime shows that the situation is cert
    • Skevinin reply toEva Brown(Show commentHide comment)
      Eva Brown, Big approximation. Hezbollah is a Lebanese organisation and Lebanon is one of the rare countries where several religion coexist peacefully (I speak about internal ones). Hezbollah is considered as a terrorist organisation by USA, EU and all the Gulf monarchy and Israel. This mixed salad of so called democracies and of feudal ignominious regime shows that the situation is cert
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