16:21 GMT +320 February 2017
    Damascenes greet personnel of the Syrian Arab Army that liberated the Kuwayres air base in the Aleppo Province

    Reliable Ally: ‘Assad's Victory Imminent Thanks to Russia'

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    Middle East
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    German security forces admitted that Russia's participation in the antiterrorist operation in Syria changed the situation in favor of the official government, assuring the imminent victory of the government troops, German newspaper FAZ wrote.

    The Syrian army supported by the Russian Air Force will gain a victory in the civil war, while the split among the anti-government forces will only intensify, the newspaper reported, citing sources in the German security services.

    "Russia's involvement is an irreversible turning point in favor of Damascus," the article said.

    According to FAZ, the government army will sooner or later gain an upper hand in the fighting in Aleppo province which borders Turkey. German secret services consider a military intervention by Saudi Arabia or Turkey on the side of anti-government forces unlikely.

    The Syrian Army managed to achieve significant success in the fight against terrorists, destroying several key supply routes of terrorists in an area of Aleppo province.

    In particular, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have managed to cut off several main supply lines of al-Nusra Front militants in the town of Mayer located between the city of Aleppo and the country's border with Turkey.

    According to sources, military operations are still under way on the eastern outskirts of Aleppo near Kuweires Airport, where the army is tasked with clearing the area of militants.

    FAZ noted that after the Syrian troops backed by Russian forces regain full control over the western regions of Syria, the anti-terrorist operation can be continued in the eastern regions of the country.


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    • avatar
      Great news!!
      May Syria continue to rid itself of foreign terrorists with Russian help. It is so gratifying to see true decency move ahead despite the huge pressure if US/Israeli and the likes push for global hegemony.
    • FlorianGeyer
      I guess that any Turkish,Saudi and even NATO invasion of Syria will have been studied by the Russian Ministry of Defence and a proportionate response will be made at a time that is advantageous to Syria. Give the US pals plenty of rope to hang themselves with .
    • avatar
      Russia has to protect Kurds against Turkish shelling and military attacks. Kurds need their own state which will include part of Turky.
    • avatar
      Raqqa next. The US will be so humiliated if the Syrian Army backed by Russian aerial superiority can move on to this Isis stronghold within the next few days. Victory is for the people of Syria.
    • avatar
      Ya and it's driving the terrorist American government crazy. Lol
    • avatar
      Reminds me of the Vietnam War...When the Americans and their proxies were choppering people out left and right from Saigon.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toizupan1(Show commentHide comment)
      izupan1, whilst I may agree or not with the sentiment about the kurds, I don't believe that Russia HAS to do anything other than protect its interests and fulfill the arrangement with the syrian government. :)
    • siberianhusky
      A job well done by Russia and Syria
      Congratulations to all. Keep up the good work.
      And the finger to the Americans for all the devious machinations.
    • siberianhuskyin reply toallperils(Show commentHide comment)
      The America getting good at bugging out. They haven't had much success with the regime changes and the wars the instigate.
    • avatar
      vendorin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, that is right. If the house was burning the Russians have helped to contain the fire. Now, they do not need to be involved in fixing up the relationships between the father and the son or the mother and the daughter :) And let's not forget the dog!
    • Blackiein reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Remember in Munich the words about Russia spoken at interview with insane McCain quote"Russia is not our friend, we are against them".
      Yes so true because US and McCain are Al-Queda and ISIS.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, agreed, with that example it's like what happens in a city, fire brigade extinguishes the fire, ambulances arrive for the injured, counsellors for any stressors experienced, insurance....and so it goes on. The other factor to consider is that when syria does regain stability, the Russian forces will probably be needed elsewhere with the games being played. :)
    • Ann
      The rest of the world needs to learn something from Syria and Russia - for the people to STAND BEHIND THEIR LEADERS, when their leaders are worthy, no matter what the MSM leader-bashers say. When the people in all countries stand firm behind their leaders and national sovereignty - THE NWO IS DONE! It will lose it's greatest weapon....divide and conquer.

      Then we can learn to stop them from demonizing targeted groups of people, and then they can't divide us against each other. WE CAN DO IT!
    • Ann in reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, No they don't need their own state. They need to learn how to live in the state they're in. This entire mess of regime changes and balkinization happens, because some CIA instigators talk small groups of people into believing that they deserve their own country, because their ways are slightly different from their neighbors - that's plain BS.

      Unless their leaders are using force or law to stop them from practicing their own non-violent ways amongst themselves, they need to stop buying into the CIA rhetoric that each different religion should have it's own special country...The smaller the "country" is, the weaker and more vulnerable it is to bullies. Just look at the entire middle east. Look at most of Africa. Why do we even have the term "balkanization"?

      People of all lands need to stop playing into the hands of the globalists and get along and be proud of their country.
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