06:01 GMT +321 February 2017
    Turkish soldiers patrol near the border with Syria, ouside the village of Elbeyli, east of the town of Kilis, southeastern Turkey

    Damascus Calls Turkey's Shelling of Syria 'Direct Support of Terrorists'

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    Damascus said that Turkey's shelling of Syrian territory is a "direct Turkish support of terrorist groups," state TV reported, citing a letter to the United Nations.

    On Saturday, Turkish forces began shelling the positions of Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria's Aleppo region.

    Turkish forces bombed a village and an airbase that were recently captured by Kurds, Al Mayadeen TV reported Saturday. Prior to being captured by the YPG, the village and the airbase belonged to al-Nusra Front terrorist organization.

    Later, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu claimed that Turkish forces had shelled Kurds' positions in northern Syria as a "retaliatory measure."

    Ankara claims that Syrian Kurds have links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a militant group fighting for Kurdish independence from Turkey.

    On Sunday, NTV channel reported citing a military source that Turkish forces have continued to shell YPG positions in Syria killing two Kurdish fighters.

    The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter to UN chief Ban Ki-moon slamming Ankara over the shelling.

    "The shelling of Syrian territory by the Turkish heavy artillery is a direct support of terrorist groups and an attempt to boost their morale", SANA news agency cited the statement.

    Syrian authorities have called on the UN to take measures to ensure security and "put an end to the crimes of the Turkish regime."

    "Damascus strongly condemns Turkey's attack on Syrian people and the attempt to violate its territorial integrity," the letter said.

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      Worth reading, just a few lines: sana.sy/en/?p=69318
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      Russia should sell weapons to Syria that could defeat the artillery. This MUST end.
      How could Syria win it's territories from terrorists and begin any process, with Turkey's CHARLATAN ERDOGAN doing this.
      Russia MUST help. Get that base to create a HUB for the area, for humanitarian aid .
    • A = π r 2in reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, they realize that the game is up for them in Syria. The SAA is making gains and their proxy forces have failed.
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      That's exactly what it is.
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      Prior to being captured by the YPG, the village and the airbase belonged to al-Nusra Front terrorist organization.
      So the turks did Not shell the base while it was occupied by the barbarian headchopper cia bandits, enough said: the so called hitler erdogan must face the same destiny as his idol, what is missing is eva braun and her helping capsules....
    • Alabama Mothman
      Yea, pretty much
    • Serve it hot ...
      No need to over-exaggerate for SAA/Russia with regard to the illegal Turkish attack on Syria, simply arm the Kurds properly with modern ATGM and man pads.
    • siberianhuskyin reply toA = π r 2(Show commentHide comment)
      You mean their proxy is America that is not happy having lost another regime change and will do anything to keep this war going the get the Russian in this mess.
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      Shell deep until the turkey's brain gets dislodged. Has to be quid pro quo. Shouldn't be late as turkey is testing the situation firstly with the downing of the Russian fighter jet. Make sure there is substantial collateral damage to the intruders.
    • Mother Gorilla
      You can really no longer call it "Coalition of the willing", it's a "Coalition of the rebels", escaping Washington's control.
    • Mother Gorillain reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, great, thanks for the link, that means they got some opposition in Turkey now, even if up to now, Erdogan has always managed to subdue it.
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      At last the Turks put on its mask of deception. Turks want to provoque the Russian into retalation and the call for restrain from the USA is just a parodia of complicity.
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      Time for Russia to propose sanctions on Turkey via the UNSC and make the Outlaw US Empire squirm politically as there's more than enough evidence of Turk support for terrorists.
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