12:00 GMT +327 February 2017
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    Sweet Dream? Saudi Arabia Mulls Removing Syria’s Assad by Force

    Middle East
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    Saudi Arabian foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir has warned that if the Syrian political process fails, President Bashar Assad will have to be removed "by force."

    "We will push as much as we can to ensure that the political process works. But if it doesn't work, it will be because of the obstinacy of the Syrian regime and that of its allies," Adel al-Jubeir told CNN.

    "And should that prove to be the case, then it becomes clear that there is no option to remove Bashar al-Assad except by force," he added.

    Last week Saudi Arabia said it was prepared to contribute ground troops to the fight in Syria, following a similar statement by the United Arab Emirates.

    Saudi warplanes, currently deployed at Turkey’s Incirlik airbase, are ready to bomb Raqqa and its environs with a senior Defense Ministry official saying that Riyadh planned to “destroy Islamic State forces in and around Raqqa” as part of the US-led coalition’s intention to step up its airstrikes against the terrorist group.

    Mentioning the possibility of a ground operation against Daesh in Syria, the official said that there were no Saudi troops in Turkey right now, but the coalition was “generally agreed” on the need for such an operation.

    Meanwhile, a senior Syrian opposition representative said that the country had enough people ready to fight for democracy and did not need any outside help.

    “We really have more than enough people ready to fight for democracy out there, and we need no outside help,” Salem Meslet, a representative of the opposition High Negotiations Committee, told Sputnik on Saturday when commenting on some Arab nations’ stated readiness to deploy their ground forces in Syria.

    He added that the situation could change if Russia or Iran decided to send their ground forces to fight alongside the army of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    In the meantime, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said that Washington was not considering any major Arab deployments to Syria, adding that the coalition was only studying the possibility of sending commando units to help the local opposition militias retake the de facto Daesh capital Raqqa in the north.


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      They want to make suicide ?
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      "The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on."
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      The Saudi's stand up comedy continues!!!
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      Saudi will learn a lesson that it will NEVER EVER FORGET.

      Iraq learned it the HARD WAY, with super support from NATO. In all spheres. Even PILOTS flew in to DESTROY the F 14's. Is a well hidden fact. Yes they outdated and obsolete.
      But IF Iran asks Russia to sell SU 35. Be ready for REAL WAR. And Russia WILL sell them. Including MIG 29's modernized. Actually, Iran would do GREAT with The NEW MIG's and SU 30's. With the S 300 in place , depending on all solutions added, Iran would be a FORMIDABLE opponent .

      the SU 35's may take longer but SU 30's could begin arriving close to overnight.
      Russia could buy the F 14's for training , museums.
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      Saudi Arabia and USA have a lot in common. We know that USA promised to fight Russia to the last drop of NATO allays' blood same as Saudi Arabia is promising to fight Syrian government to the last drop of mercenaries blood. How delightful and charming is conducting a wars with somebody else's blood.

      They are not stupid, and they know that they cannot keep such promise without being destroyed. First of all mercenaries are soldiers of fortune but word fortune is not meant as luck but as wealth and that is huge difference as none of them is suicidal and every of them believe that they will survive and earn fortune.

      Now how on Earth Saudis are going to tell them: Look guys, we are prepared to pay you in gold as much as you weigh but you will have to fight Russians in Syria.

      What do you think how many of mercenaries would accept such proposition? I believe that only these who are terminally ill by having E-Bola, Cancer, Aids or sick of their life. However whoever would go to fight Russia would face certain very bleak and short future. So in my opinion Saudis proposition will go unanswered and they will declare change of mind in USA style and all will be forgotten. Allays will be quiet and and supportive.

      Saudis in a war against Russia? Hope that this will be good idea for incredibly funny comedy film about Saudi perfumed pedofile princes march to fight tough smart and anything but sympathetic Russian troops.

      Do you know that PVC and other plastic material is made from crude oil? Body bags are made of PVC and Saudis have a lot of crude oil, so a lots and lots of body bags. Well at least this is good news for them as their decomposing bodies will not pollute Syrian desert.
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      The so called usa is down 19 trillion, what can they do except war.......Ok, let's bring it on ?!........What is the price ?............Question: Does the grey house in Fasington love their own people?.......No, absolutely Not, who did they use to test the nuclear weapons on.....Yes their own soldiers, many examples are out there about the crimes against humanity.
      +++2016 Alaska will come back to Russia+++
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      Thanks for the stupid commend. You've given Russia all the excuse it needs in order to stay and defend Syria from you're threat.
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      Last week, didn't the Yemeni army backed by Houthi forces captured a number of villages and the town of Al-Raboah inside the KSA's southwestern Asir province? KSA cannot defend it's own territory against a "D-category" Iranian proxy Yemen!!! How dare she can attack a "A-category" Russian/ Iranian ally Syria. Dream on KSA.
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      This Saudi Royal family formed by men which were educated in the USA that think like USA, because history said that they were nomads and ignorant before being brain washed by the westerner. Only petrodollars have allowed these people to be like they are today instead of digging holes or cleaning toilets. So this country is an allied to the USA by default. They are just parrots. The only thing that is not in common with the USA is that the Saudis do not share their 5 to 10 women per man.
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      Dream on! The oik sheiks have tried to remove the Baath regime in Syria by force with the help of takfiri terrorists for almost 5 years now. The Saudis and which army will try harder now?
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      Who didn't LOL when they read that ? What do they think they've been doing up to now ? Or do they think their regular troops will do a better job than their asymmetrically-seasoned terrorists ?
    • Beady-eyed Insomniac
      Since when did the House of Saud represent the Syrian people. What a twat!
      Governments in dealing with the the Saudi's should remember they carved their 'kingdom' out of Arabia by beheading 40,000 people and 350,000 amputations after the fall of the Ottoman empire.
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      Doesn't make you wanna scream. Rulers appointed my british monarchy not by their people tell a president of another country that he has to quit and surrender his people to the house of saud for re-education in religion and to house of rothchild for re-education in economics, and to USA for introduction class about democracy, f*** ing laughable. Neither of these vultures have any moral right or any other right given my God or man to interfere in life and existence of Syria. IF Syrians did not like Asad he would not last these years off war. But he must be good for his people otherwise they would remove him. His rule is the one that kept Syria united with all ethnic and religious groups together. When Saudi mercenaries are killing Christians Syrian Army is saving them and Usa is arming the same terrorists. For a very long time USA and Saudi and all their allies have been in service of the true rulers of the world, the Zionist regime that presides in Israel. They are all Zionists who work for the same goal, control the world. In this case, bankroting Russia by cutting off Russian gas to Europe. By building a pipeline from Arabia thru Jordan, Syria and Turkey. That way Russia looses most of its export money which make about 50% of Russia's budget.If Assad said yes to the pipeline, Russia would be bankrot by now but Assad new that he could not trust Americans and Saudis, look what happened to Sadam, he trusted Americans and even fought a war against Iran for them, look what happened to his country.
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      And just think, Russia was in negotiations with SA on a huge arms deal late in 2015, what happen with that deal?
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      ronin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Thank you misterno1 for this post. You have set the foundation correctly.
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      looks like the Saudi Foreign Minister will have to "remove Assad by force" by himself as it appears all the Saudi Generals have wised up and bailed out ..... www.veteranstoday.com/2016/02/18/saudi-senior-army-commanders-sending-forces-to-syria-shall-entail-s
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