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    Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech during the monthly Mukhtars meeting (local administrators) at the Presidential Complex in Ankara on February 10, 2016

    Bitter Pill for Erdogan: Russia Leaves Turkey a Helpless Spectator in Syria

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    Middle East
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    It is Moscow which is running the game in Syria: nailed to the ground by Russia’s S-400 air defense systems and state-of-the–art SU-35 fighters, Turkey is now left in the role of a helpless spectator, while the Kremlin is playing yet another of its cards, according to the French newspaper Le monde.

    Turkey is already unable to get in the way of Russia's strategy in Syria.

    “Ankara has been left in the role of a helpless spectator of the final phase of the Russian plan to help its ally Bashar Assad to remain in the saddle, which it began in September 2015,” says the newspaper.

    “Turkey is suddenly being ousted from Syrian land,” it states.

    The recent gains of the Syrian government forces have come as a severe blow to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who made the ousting of President Assad the “alpha and omega” of his policy in Syria.

    The pill is even more bitter for Erdogan, as, devoid of any leverage on the ground, he is forced to watch its protégé, the Turkmen of Bayirbucak and the jihadists of Al-Nusra Front are being shelled by Russian Forces.

    Meanwhile, Ankara has been nailed to the ground by Russia’s S-400 air defense systems and its state-of-the-art SU-35 jet fighters, deployed to Syria after the downing of its SU-24 bomber above Syrian territory.

    Meanwhile, the Kremlin is playing yet another of its cards: the leadership of the Syrian Kurds has opened their first foreign office in Moscow, preferring Russia over Washington and Western Europe.

    Moscow can now “kill two birds with one stone”, the newspaper says, as it stokes the fire in Turkey, which considers the Syrian Democratic Unity Party (PYD) as an affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), its major adversary since 1984.

    And it is driving a wedge into the Turkish-American relationship, which is soaring over the PYD issue following Erdogan’s ultimatum to the US to choose between Turkey and PYD as a partner on the ground in Syria.

    The Kurds are striving to unite their territories in Syria, and Moscow “the current master of the Syrian game” could hardly turn them down, the newspaper concludes.


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    • Mikhas
      .....And the Turkish retard know also that if he indeed does something, advanced weapon are going to "find their way to the PKK". That isn´t really necessary though, as Turkey is just about to start it´s path to disintegration anyway.

      Someone, probably the military, is going to realize that and sacrifice the Turkish "Sultan-wannabee, despot, either (in a best case scenario for himself, rather than being hanged) for a military tribunal or safe passage to Saudi Barbaria were he can spend the last of his sorry a** days like so many others like him in the past.
    • avatar
      Time for another military coup (Turkey has had quite a few). In the 1980 coup the US assisted with the deployment of 3000 troops under operation Anvil Express. It was bloodthirsty. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1980_Turkish_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat
    • No Name
      "The military coup in Turkey must only be weeks away if not days"

      I guess, too that the USA will find quick a Turkish AlSisi to topple this Recep Morsi.
      It's the ONLY WAY for the USA to keep Turkey in the game and to arrange some saving-face agreement with Putin.
      And for Putin, with some "Ataturk-Legacy"-generals in Ankara,the South-Stream-pipeline becomes again an option ;-)

      Well, it seems that Erdogan is the TURKEY now ;-)..
    • Blackie
      I tell you what "Erdogan why don't you take back into Turkey all yout ISIS fighters close your big mouth and stop starting wars".
      German Tanks without warning should roll through into turkey and close the borders. Man the borders with EU countries combined with Russian help. Close down US bases in Germany and close up the US Embassy in Berlin.
      US and their partner is behind all this terror in Europe. We need to go to war now with Turkey to stop it destroying what is left of Europe.
      Mikhas knows all about Turks. He knows Germany must smash them. Merkel must now be arrested for treason and accomplice to terrorism and war crimes, as she is part of Erdogans war machine of rape and terror and theft.
      Please will somebody tell me"why does this Woman not wear her honorary ISIS Head Scarf? ".
    • avatar
      in reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      Well said my friend lets just hope it happens very soon.
    • avatar
      Putin is a great strategist, and he has people around him who are master diplomats and strategists, like great chess players. Great game of the west is poker and lot of bluffing but great game of the east ( Russia, Iran ) is chess, which requires patience and planning way ahead, which todays leaders of the west are just not capable off. But than again destruction is their main goal not prosperity and rights for all people.
    • avatar
      in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      misterno1, Poker vs Chess - that is a fitting analogy. Let us hope that the west "folds" sooner than latter. Too many people have suffered already too much.
    • avatar
      If only the Turks had respected the rights of the Kurds during a long history. The Kurds were always treated like criminals, meanwhile many millions of Turks in my country have all the civilian rights they can ask for. They can vote, they can participate in public government (can become mayor of a town, or even prime minister of my country) without any demands of giving up their nationality. Turks are forbidden to change nationality, they must always remain Turkish, according to Turkish law. I hope we (the Dutch) kick out all the Turk hypocrites out of the Netherlands, the sooner the better. They don't belong here, they are colonizers, and we Europeans have a natural right to western Europe, to keep it European and followers of Jezus.
    • avatar
      "... Erdogan’s ultimatum to the US to choose between Turkey and PYD as a partner on the ground in Syria." I am reminded that one very wise man said, "There is wisdom in the multitude of counsel", and "where there is not, the people perish." One has to wonder about the inner circles of hEardagain. Quite frankly, I am reminded that any of their 'counsel' may not be worth a 'tinker's damn'. If he is guilty of causing war on his people, why shouldn't they be made no less guilty when it comes to "crimes against humanity"?
    • Ann in reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, for the same reason hillary doesn't - it musses up their expensive hair-dos
    • Ann in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Erik Trete, They will 'fold' only to come back again. They will keep on slithering into other sovereign countries until they are squashed completely. They just consider this "time to regroup"
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