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    Riot police use a water cannon to disperse stone throwing Kurdish demonstrators during a protest against the curfew in Sur district, in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, December 22, 2015

    Massacre of Kurds is ‘Policy of Criminalization’ by Turkish Authorities

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    Around 60 people have reportedly been killed in the basement of a building in the southeastern Kurdish town of Cizre during a military raid which, according to state media, was conducted to neutralize PKK fighters.

    Nursel Kilik, an activist defending the rights of Kurdish women in Europe, spoke to Sputnik in an exclusive interview saying, “We wake up every morning, knowing about the dreadful event, the massacre and the crime. In the town of Cizre, located in the Turkish Kurdistan, more than 60 people were executed and burnt. The Turkish army used chemical weapons against them.”

    She further said that their bodies were found in two different buildings. “What is happening now is happening to a general silence, the world has turned a blind eye. These atrocities, crimes against humanity, these war crimes whose victims are residents of Turkish Kurdistan, continue, while their coverage in international and local press is banned, particularly by the government of the AKP [Justice and Development Party, the ruling party in Turkey].

    Kilik said that these people were represented as terrorists, that they were civilians who were seriously injured or killed, as they were kept for more than 52 days in the two basements.

    The activist further said that this is a “policy of criminalization, the extermination of Kurdish people, who want to live in freedom and democracy. After the victory of the Kurds in Koban, Erdogan once again wants to change the international community's attitude toward the Kurdish people by destroying the ancient Mesopotamian population.”

    Loud explosions were reported in the area on Sunday evening where, according to activists, civilians had been hiding from the month-long operation by the Turkish government.

    Earlier reports suggested that several dozen civilians remained trapped in a basement for two weeks due to heavy fighting in the area with injured people unable to seek medical help.

    According to Amnesty International’s estimates, at least 150 civilians, including children, have been killed during the Turkish operation, with over 200,000 lives having been put at risk.

    Thousands of social media users expressed their thoughts via Twitter. The hashtag #TurkeysCizreMassacre has gone viral; with thousands of users sharing their thoughts on what they think is really happening there.

    ​There have been reports of Kurdish activists gathering in front of the UK parliament in London, advising the authorities to pressure Turkey to stop their “massacre of civilians.” Protests are also taking place across Germany with people on the streets of Dusseldorf and Berlin.

    ​In Switzerland, a demonstration took place in front of the parliament in Bern. In Paris, Kurds are calling on more people around the world to join them.


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