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Bahraini soldiers line up at the 35th armored brigade camp, northern Kuwaiti desert (file photo)

Bahrain Ready to Join US Ground Operations in Syria

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Middle East
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Bahrain has said that is ready to send ground forces against Daesh militants, as part of the US-led coalition.

Bahraini ambassador to Britain Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed al-Khalifa said in a statement that the kingdom would commit troops to operate "in concert with Saudis," Reuters reported.

He added that the United Arab Emirates, a member of the Saudi-dominated Gulf Cooperation Council, was also ready to commit troops.

On January 4, a Saudi military spokesman confirmed that Riyadh was ready to join any US-led ground operation in Syria against Daesh if the move is approved by the coalition.

"If there was a consensus from the leadership of the coalition, the kingdom is willing to participate in these efforts because we believe that aerial operations are not the ideal solution and there must be a twin mix of aerial and ground operations," Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri told al-Arabiya TV.

He added that a decision could be made at a NATO summit in Brussels next week. US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter confirmed that he would discuss the initiative with Saudi representatives at the summit.

The US-led coalition has carried out airstrikes against Daesh since September 2014, but the campaign has proved ineffective to shatter the terrorists’ positions. While US President Barack Obama has repeatedly said Washington will not place additional boots on the ground in the region, Carter recently announced the Pentagon may soon launch a ground operation in Syria and Iraq.

There are two different coalitions being established on the ground in Syria, military political analyst, Professor of Political Science and Sociology Andrei Koshkin told RT.

According to him, such countries as Saudi Arabia or Turkey are pursuing their own interests in Syria and are not really focused on eliminating Daesh.

Syria’s neighbors have rushed in to grab a slice of the "pie,” the expert said, explaining that US-led coalition forces are in desperate need of a ground operation in the country to be able to “stake their claims” on the Syrian territory.

Currently, Daesh (also known as Islamic State/ISIL) is one of the most dangerous threats to global security. In three years, the militants have seized large parts of Iraq and Syria. In addition, the terrorist group is currently trying to establish influence in North Africa, particularly in Libya. According to estimates, Daesh controls an area of up to 90,000 sq km. The number of its fighters is estimated between 50,000 and 200,000.

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  • Huh?
    Everybody is a joiner...nobody is a leader. More importantly, a leader LEADS by example...and the examples being set, well, are a bit lacking in leadership.
    Unless of course, one considers leading to destruction as a positive role model.
  • Zhukov
    The US is rallying both 16th Century Sunni monarchies to its side. Bahrain is just a Saudi puppet and US outpost. The Saudis have US weapons and cannot defeat the Shi'ia Yemenis.
  • teddy j

    and who GAVE these american ''non-syria" ENABLERS OF TERRORISTS AND DAESH

    permission to ENTER syrian territory?
  • vendor
    The number of its fighters is estimated between 50,000 and 200,000.

    Give me a break, will ya?

    We have been hearing about 50,000 then the Americans said they have killed 30,000 now it is anywhere from 50K to 200K. Perhaps even millions including Turkey and KSA and other brown armies.
  • jas
    the expert said, explaining that US-led coalition forces are in desperate need of a ground operation in the country to be able to “stake their claims” on the Syrian territory.
    It's obvious now that all NATO is interested in is stealing land and resources from countries.
  • A = π r 2
    KSA, Bahrain, Emirates and you would assume Qatar by association, although this has not been officially announced. This looks a lot more like an anti-Iran coalition than anti-Daesh one.
  • letartousois
    hhhhhhhhh..this geant country of 653Km² is really weighting and make the difference!!!
  • dvdgrg09
    IRGC leader Ali Jaafari said if Saudi troops invade Syria they will be "wiped out"


    No doubt the same applies to Bahrain and UAE.
  • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
    Well another us base called a "country" that want to taste bullets ? Why not
  • henaselakesan
    funny joke !!
    viva great sunny soldier :-)))
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