01:48 GMT +326 February 2017
    Members of the Kurdish internal security forces (known as the Asayish) check vehicles on December 16, 2015 in the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli as tensions rose between regime forces and Kurdish fighter in the city

    Excluding Kurds From Syria Peace Talks Recipe for ‘Permanent War’

    Middle East
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    Prohibiting Kurdish representatives from participating in the Syrian peace talks in Geneva to satiate Turkey is a formula for perpetual war, American Kurdish Information Network Director Kani Xulam told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) has not been invited by the United Nations to the talks between the Syrian government and the opposition that are scheduled to begin in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday. The Kurdish party accused Ankara of throwing its weight behind the UN decision.

    "Unless you are for a permanent war, you would want to accommodate the Kurds and invite them to the [Syrian] peace talks," Xulam said on Wednesday. "As to the party that doesn’t want them in Geneva, namely Turkey, they cannot maintain a state of war with the Kurds the way they did with the Armenians 100 years ago."

    Xulam added that the Kurds want peace, but peace requires the participation of the group’s respective interlocutor in negotiations.

    "As things stand, [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan and his cronies insist on the course of war directly as well as through the proxies," Xulam explained. "Like all wars, their war too will come to an end."

    Xulam added that the Kurds are way too many, 30 to 40 million, and better connected if Ankara tries to apply the Armenian solution to the Kurdish question.

    The love Kurds feel for their emancipation struggle is stronger than the hate some Turks feel toward it, Xulam claimed.

    On Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon accused Turkey of sponsoring terrorism by buying oil from Daesh terrorist group. Moreover, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said that Turkey was a major conduit for terrorist oil and money flows to and from Syria hampering international efforts to fight effectively Daesh threat.

    The Islamic State, also known as Daesh, is a designated terrorist group outlawed in the United States and Russia as well as in numerous other countries.

    On Wednesday, a PYD representative said the Syrian Kurds will not recognize the outcome of the upcoming intra-Syrian negotiations in Geneva as the talks will be held without their participation.


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    • Daesh, is a designated terrorist group outlawed in the United States..! hehehe.. but sponsored, supported & armed to their teeth by the scumbags US.. wtf..!
    • avatar
      Xulam is not making thought out statements. He is almost threatening to continue fighting even a unity government is formed and ISIS is gone. Why shouldn't Kurds participate as part of 'opposition' and not as 'another opposition' party.
    • avatar
      Someone at the UN better get fired for this.
    • avatar
      U.S trying to buy their loyalty off. They NOT needed in Geneva. And should be at U.N where all will begin... And honestly, they don't have to. U.S want to play like that is all about Geneva. Geneva was a foot hold. At the end, they want to be in Moscow. Why Russia so quiet? Russia knows this. Damascus could add them inside Damascus without Geneva and all the FUZZ, U.S and E.U are creating about ASSAD MUST GO. That's what began EVERYTHING, including IS , DAESH and much more.
      They really not needed inside Geneva for NOTHING. Syria won't e split.
      All is about FSA ,t that did terrorist work and now want to be heard. But keep pushing terror cells in. And see how Geneva will end.
      Syria is winning and that's the desperation of TALKS. Syria will kick them all out before talks are over. And will begin sealing borders and killing terrorists before they enter. Because the terrorist will try breaking the checkpoints. They should be reinforced. and one to get in.. next to inspect veh. Last to inspect people.
      Russia will have to leave Aerospace, and U.S , E.U , NATO , U.K etc will try to FORCE Russia out , at the convention. Syria must NOT allow it. Or Turkey will begin attacking Syria claiming is killing Kurd's and the whole thing will start again. Russia MUST leave the aerospace forces. Mostly for AA. And maybe the S400, with Russian personnel. THAT ended the bull horn.
      Later Syria will be strong enough. But Russia could use it to gather intel on terrorists.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Kurds are gonna be the loose cannons. Keeping Kurds from being a nation allows the West to rattle whatever country the Kurds happen to reside. So, for instance, if Turkey needs rattled into line, then Kurds can be fed some crap about freedom and used to terrorize Turkey. Or instead of Turkey, maybe Syria or Iraq. Convenient.
    • avatar
      Syrian Kurds will not recognize the outcome...... This is what Russia has been saying all along.

      Denying Kurds a seat at the table gives Assad and his allies carte blanche to continue routing the "non-patriotic" rebels. And it does not exclude Assad from negotiating directly with the Kurds. A favorable direct deal between Damascus and the PYD could be much worse for Ankara, then what might be gained in combined negotiations.
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      I have 30-40 million reasons to want a proper, prosperous, and self-governed Kurdistan in Turkey. Syrian Kurds may participate at the peace talks through Assad.
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