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    Turkish Army vehicles and tanks wait near the Syrian border in Suruc on February 23, 2015

    Turkish Troops Entered Syria - Kurdish Media

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    On Tuesday evening, the Turkish army reportedly entered Syrian territory near Jarablus. While ostensibly aimed at liberating the city from Daesh, the operation may have more to do with keeping Kurdish People’s Protection Units away from the Turkish border.

    According to information received by Sputnik Brazil, Turkey has been amassing military units along the Syrian border. The number of troops is estimated to be around 1,000.

    The troops have reportedly crossed into Aleppo province, according to Hawar News, along with military vehicles, heavy equipment, and mine detection gear to dismantle minefields installed by Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State.

    Last month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the global coalition would take action against Daesh in Jarablus. Erdogan also made mention of media reports of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) Westward push toward the Turkish border.

    The operation is ostensibly aimed at combatting Daesh, who have fortified Jarablus. But sources tell Sputnik that Ankara may be more interested in preventing the YPG from gaining a foothold in a region of strategic importance. Hawar also reports that the Turkish troops have not engaged Daesh militants in the area, and that members of the terrorist organization have remained unresponsive to the Turkish presence.

    Turkey has long been fearful of YPG’s presence along its border, and has warned the group that any advance west of the Euphrates could result in a military response.

    The Turkish government has also been engaged in security operations against Kurdish communities inside the country since July. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that those operations – which have left hundreds dead, including civilians – are nearing an end, but political activist Taylor Goel has told Sputnik that the peace process is more about theatrics.

    "Solving the Kurdish problem has nothing to do with peace. It is a peace process in name only, and a scapegoat for the ruling party," Goel said.

    "The current peace process only serves to legitimize the actions of AKP [the Justice and Development Party]. The government may stop its campaign, but it’s important to remember that this is a peace process in name only."

    The Erdogan administration has also cracked down on academics calling for an end to Ankara’s brutal treatment of the nation’s Kurdish population. Last week, 18 academics were arrested on charges of "terrorist propaganda" after signing a petition expressing their concerns.

    "President Erdogan’s actions demonstrate that the criticisms being made by academics are accurate," political activist Kevin Zeese told Sputnik. "He wants to suppress the truth and is abusing his power trying to quash legitimate political discourse."


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    • Mother Gorilla
      Hawar News reports that the Turkish troops have not engaged Daesh militants in the area, and that members of the terrorist organization have remained unresponsive to the Turkish presence.

      Another proof that the Americans and their allies are just pursuing their own interests.
    • avatar
      Russia must allow turks and even USA to establish there and begin building the pipelines. then Russia will blow the pipelines every day as Daesh asset. no pipeline for any NATO member there! but they can do agriculture, if they want to
    • qvasko 15
      Too wrong
    • avatar
      Plain and simple, Turkey is a rogue and criminal government. The incursion by Turkey - no matter what the cause, is again illegal if the government has not given the approval to Turkey.

      NATO, last October, had a plan to have Turkey mass around 23,000 Turkish soldiers on the Syrian border then to try to create a false flag in that Syria attacked the Turks while the Turks were on the Turkish border. This would then allow for NATO to exercise a no-fly zone, which Turkey wanted all the time. This would give the US and its allies control. However Russia messed up that plan. So again we see his going on.

      Why does Putin have such an affection for the Zionist controlled US? Putin has this week asked that the US join in the coalition in Syria.
    • Bomb them. period
    • avatar
      another planned provocation...US-NATO behind
    • avatar
      Turkey/NATO is desperate to keep that supply corridor open for ISIL. I thin Russia and Syria are determined to cut those supply line and are very close to achieving that. It will happen soon and Erdogan can't stop it.
    • avatar
      These Turks need to be hit hard. So hard that they will never forget.
    • avatar
      Turkey can take down a plane, for entering their airspace for 17 seconds and yet Turkey just invades wherever they desire? Really? Aren't the Erdogan family supplies getting through?
    • Russia what are you waiting for. Bomb those Turks in Syria out of existence and don't leave a shred of them behind
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      cmat.wolfgangin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      this can grow into a very difficult problem for Assad and the Russian troops.
      IMO, Assad should complain immediately at the UN for territorial Invasion by Turkey as Iraq did. If Turkey establishes some bases there and can keep them over time, it has achieved what it wanted from the begin on with the help of IS. It may claim the territory from Syria permanently.
    • Serve it hot ... in reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      cmat.wolfgang, who will fly air cover for Erdogan pashas troops as soon as RuAF planes approach OVER Syrian territory?

      You know, in shitty weather you can't distinguish between Deash and Turkish invasion forces. So Turkish troops will be bombed in Syria by RuAF. What will happen then? Will Turkey send interceptors to Syria to shoot down RuAF planes? What will the SAF/RuAF do, if Turkish jets lock on them over Syrian territory? What does international law say and the world-wide public do/write/multiply about "Turkey waging a war on aggression", hence Turkey is not invited, in the contrary?!

      Let's think this over again, what will happen IF and let' see who would have a very unpleasant stay there and who will get in a explanatory state of emergency IF shit happens there!
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      that was clear INTRUSION why not just bomb them all, kill them all
    • avatar
      this is one more pretext to handover military vehicles, heavy equipment to isis terrorists directly by turkey, I believe that once they handover their ammunition to isis the turkey troops will return to turkey ,, Russia must think about this and Syrian troops must destroy all non welcomed countries in syria
    • avatar
      Let's see the turkish tanks being vaporized, wouldn't that be good...
    • avatar
      ivanwa88, well, Putin might have said it or may not want to engage Turkey (in Syria) but then again, what is the point of trying to support SAA if these guys decide to head north to face the Turks? Does it mean the Russians would say - niet!? Or would they support SAA in the territory they (Russians) have been invited to defend? If he backs off, it is clear what is going on on all sides. You may worship him. I do not. I reckon every politician on this planet does not deserve my full support nor I will ever believe anyone of them. So, it is time to see if the proof is in the pudding.
    • avatar
      ivanwa88, ts, ts, really? Putin would not be attacking any sovereign force on their home turf but an INVADING force in a foreign country that has not agreed with Turkey to have them there. So, what are you talking about? Turkey did not follow any political protocols and is breaching the International Law! End of story. If Putin and Assad do not answer with a decisive force they are in it with the USA and Turkey and the rest of them no matter what you may think. :)
    • We need powerful and strong Kurdistan, ASAP
    • in reply toFeEisi(Show commentHide comment)
      FeEisi, what do you think they were doing on the Balkans for 500 years. They annexed a lot's of land there, look at Bosnia,.. Turks, turks, turks.. they tried to disguise themselves as some kind of fake 'nation' called 'Bosnians'... those are turks and turkoid converts.. with US support.
    • avatar
      I will quote what is already known;

      Hitchens pointed to four breaches of international law — the violation of even a single one meaning that the regime had forfeited its sovereignty. These four acts are: violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; displaying aggression toward re-occupying/annexing the territory of other countries; harboring international criminals; and violating the Genocide Convention.


      1. Violation of the Genocide Convention, (checked - the Genocide of the Kurds)
      2. Violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, (checked - supply of the poisonous gas to ISIS)
      3. Support or granting safe harbour for terrorists (checked - support financial, and military to ISIS while being in business with them)
      4. Invasion of another territory (checked - Syria, Iraq)
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