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    Smoke rises from buildings in the area of Tal Sharba following government air strikes on the outskirts of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on December 27, 2015, as government forces seized the area from Islamic State (IS) group jihadists

    Jordan Establishes Joint War Room With Russia to Combat Daesh

    Middle East
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    Jordan has set up a joint war room with Russia to carry out coordinated anti-Daesh (ISIL) military operations in Syria, indicating a turn by the country from its US, Saudi Arabia and Israeli allies, in the face of the increasing volatility of the entire Middle East region.

    The move by Jordanian King Abdullah II to establish a shared war room with Russian forces will radically change how political decisions are made and how intelligence is shared in the region, Israeli military and intelligence sources told military intelligence commentary website Debka.

    Previously, Jordan fought the Syrian President Bashar Assad from a command center shared with the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel, located north of the country’s capital of Amman.

    Although Jordanian authorities present the new cooperation with Russia as a simple logistical move to coordinate all parties involved in combating Daesh, major military and intelligence efforts will be directed to the new center, military sources claimed.

    According to Debka, citing anonymous sources in Washington and Moscow, the new war room was set up shortly after the presidents of Russia and the US held phone talks on the issue on January 13.

    Jordan will stop providing so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels with their main pipeline, experts noted, adding that opposition groups will also be deprived of funding and other types of assistance from the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

    This news may also upset Israel, in light of its long support for the rebels, who had seized large parts in the south of the war-torn country. To the potential discontent of the Israelis, the establishment of the new command center will likely enable the legitimate Syrian army to defeat the rebels in the country.

    Since the launch of the Russian air operation in Syria last September, Syrian government forces have recaptured large areas previously lost to various militant groups.

    Last week the Syrian army regained control of Salma, a town in the coastal Latakia province considered to be a major rebel stronghold since 2012. Troops also advanced in the south of central Hama province and east in Homs, and are currently on the offensive in the southern Daraa province.

    “The situation has stabilized, the [Syrian] government is no longer threatened with collapse,” the Jordan Times reported citing Vasily Kashin, an expert for Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.


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    • This is very important! For the first time in weeks this piece of information is a major breakthrough. There will be no "regrouping" as one of the journalists quoted on Sputnik said. There is a clear shift in the politics. Obama and Putin did not have a midnight chit-chat over the weather conditions.
    • dvdgrg09
      Best news since Russia entered the war.
    • ivanwa88
      Simple, as quoted "Assad is no longer under threat of defeat" as he wins back large chunks of territory and is driving Terrorists out of Syria in what could have been easily seen as the last chapter of the war on western and ME terror groups.
      Pity this was not done months ago! its most positive if it controls Turkey invading and or sending more trained moderates in to turn the tide. My concern is Turkey only this week requested US start a major recruitment and training campaign to bolster dwindling numbers of rebels to reinvigorate the fighting. US was positive to the idea and was to proceed with the plan!!?
    • art
      Jordan is not a strong and stable enough of a country to play both Russia and Israel/US simultaniously. It has got to either switch side or is playing a game with Russia with full coordination with US/Israel. I doubt US/Israel let Jordan just freely flirt with Russia.

      DebkFile is a Mossad outlet, not a "military intelligence commentary website". Any one quoting them MUST know more than what DebkaFile knows. If you don't, then its very dangerous to quote or listen to them.
    • ivanwa88
      I just wrote a significant piece that went poof! .............. just vanished. In short I wrote that I disagreed with the comment that Israel will be angered with the new initiative. With the significant contribution of Hezbollah fighters who are a force to be reckoned with. Trained up on latest Russian field strategies and the co-coordinated support of protected Air force.
      Is a threat that will be of major concern to Israeli aggression. I went on to say this new initiative does give the premise to keep Hezbollah under wraps after the Syrian campaign ends. And as such is now the damage control stage of this campaign that coupled with the filtering of exposure of the lies and deceit engendered in this complicit campaign in mass murder for the sake of Israel's security fears.
    • teddy j
      RUSSIA needs to WATCH closely the new ''allies" INCLUDING host country of the strategy center Jordan.

      and above all watch closely the USA in its participation - apparently --

      the USA is just trying WEASEL itself into the operations so as to do two things potentially..

      1) HIDE or bask in the glow of what RUSSIA, SYRIA , IRAN , HEZBOLLAH - and with assistance to allow russian overflights, also IRAQ -- Have indeed accomplished.

      2) use that ''from the inside" participation to try and HIJACK the ''authority" from russia/syria...(which will not be allowed by russia/syria in any case to somehow steal operational russian/syria secrets and feed the info to ''allies" elsewhere...

      and of course STEAL russian military secrets...from the ''discussions".

      just be VERY, VERY WATCHFUL of the americans - russia.

      they are the personification of DECEIT.
    • teddy jin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, AND THAT'S why the USA is in the 'tent' -- to steal secrets and somehow -- when ''outside" will try to create new ''approaches" to ''defeat daesh"...

      the USA is in that 'strategic center" arrangement in order to UNDERMINE russia's role in everything.

      the END for the terrorists is coming in any case -- and the ''enemies" arab nations - such as SA, JORDAN, qatar, UAE, BAHRAIN (sunnis) -

      are also only ''in it" because of the threat to themselves FROM the monster daesh they themselves helped create...

      and now they are trying to ''be in on the game" of actually defeating DEASH IN syria -- BECAUSE RUSSIA AND SYRIA ALREADY are showing success....

      it's their way to HIDE THEIR TRAIL OF helping create daesh with funding, territorial hosting, tolerating, etc....

      but above all -- and behind them all =--= remains the USA -- the real author of the chaos from the empire of chaos...

      that now tries to ''shape-shift" while still scheming to somehow HIJACK the whole process....

      and even as it heads to success by russia and its strategy and consistency ....

      the USA will also try to POSITION ITSELF as being the 'LEADER OF THE DEFEAT OF TERRORISM"

      and THEN go back to ''eventually assad must go" ...while still trying to insert itself in the SYRIAN SOVEREIGN PROCESS....trying to have a 'SAY" IN syria over russia. etc...
    • Mikhas
      King Playstation is suddenly engaged in something constructive and useful, that´s rich.

      After thousands of wahhabi apes,standing armies in fact, being trained and equipped by US and the Zionazi´s and a veritable Saudi Barbarian War-room in Jordan, until recently led by "Prince" Bandar himself, directing these Orc´s into Syria, Quineitra and Damascus suburbs, then suddenly this change of heart.

      It will certainly come as a relief to the Syrians but not entirely as a surprise, since waves of ISIS reinforcements from that direction has been vaporised on spot with Russian assistance and impotent areas reclaimed and secured.
    • Dyke Davisin reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, Your absolutely correct in your observations, yet I think the Russians know alot more about the US/NATO involvement in the creation of ISIS and Jordon was once a principle training ground for these irregular forces that nobody really knows to a absolute certainty who they really are and what their real creation was all about, but they seem to lay siege to the oil and gas and use every means of profiteering just like a corporation.
      Just maybe Jordon now knows that it was itself lied to and the Frankenstein it allowed on its territory was not to join an legitimate armed Syrian opposition against a dictatorship, but a tool to destroy the whole region of Syria and Iraq!
    • marcanhalt
      "Jordan will stop providing so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels with their main pipeline, experts noted, adding that opposition groups will also be deprived of funding and other types of assistance from the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE...This news may also upset Israel, in light of its long support for the rebels..."

      THIS is some of the best news I have heard since Putin's speech at the UN in which he castigated the US in his famous words, "Do you realize what you have done?" speech. Few may remember that Putin wrote his own speech for that event. And who of us was not caught by surprise of Russia entering the air space over Syria? We should not have if we recalled that it was the Russian Navy Fleet that caused this same coalition to back down from a gun fight in the Mediterranean in 2013. It was the first time that a crack showed in the Middle East between the US and Israel even. The wrenching away of the putrid Jordanians from anything other than resembling a puppet dynasty to the US-Israel mystique is, in itself, earth shattering. The fact that it will no longer be one of Israel's whipping boys is telltale that Israel, because of Gaza, will be more and more isolated. There will come a day, too, when the US Marines will not land to support what will soon be a shell of what was Israel. More and more you will see Israel turn to Russia for its existence. And although Netanayhu may hve called Obama "chicken shit", it will be Obama who gets the last laugh in the next year before leaving office. And Bibi? He gets to look at himself in the mirror for the next 8 years wondering "What in the hell is happening??" Four words for Bibi: "It's the end times."
    • marcanhaltin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, Don't forget to click "ADD COMMENT" every time you are finished and want it posted. Believe me! you are not the first to lose an inspiration!
    • armorin reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, yes, they cannot be trusted for a LONG time to come....they must do penance first and show humility. THEN only will they be accepted in the affairs of the world.
    • ivanwa88
      In the piece that vanished.......I also wrote that this new initiative is somewhat lame albeit welcome! when you take into account that in the last 4-6 weeks Syrian joint forces have effectively targeted supply routes to Terror mercenaries. Who in recent weeks have been desperately low on supply's and ammunition increasingly leaving their wounded behind on the battle fields as they flee the scene. Thus this sudden new offer to cut off supplies was already effectively in place. Non the less its significant in it details complicity in this human tragedy not admitted to before this announcement. Now that's damage control in its most devious form. Break open the can of worms like heh its time to go fishing and have some fun!
    • armorin reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j,
      +absolutely true...
    • jerstefin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      Just to quote part of your text:
      More and more you will see Israel turn to Russia for its existence.
      Everything would be fine except for the likes of these snakes:
      Whene these snakes return billions upon billions os $$ to the rightful
      owner then and only then Russia should help Israhell.
      The rest of what you wrote i agree 100%

      Read more: sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160116/1033229615/jordan-russia-war-room.html#ixzz3xP6YvBlC
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