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    Daesh (ISIL) militants waving the trademark Jihadits flag as vehicles drive on a newly cut road through the Syrian-Iraqi border between the Iraqi Nineveh province and the Syrian town of Al-Hasakah

    Docs Reveal How Daesh Ran ‘Sophisticated Immigration Operation’ With Turkey

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    Passenger records handed over to the Guardian by Kurdish forces at Tel Abyad have Daesh stamp marks.

    In what appears to be additional confirmation of Turkey's leadership knowledge of Daesh (also known as the Islamic State terrorist group), crossing Syria-Turkey borders without challenge, Kurdish forces managed to seize a list of passengers crossing through Tel Abyad, a town in northern Syria located around 2 kilometers from the Turkish border.

    Numerous Daesh-sponsored buses used to pass through the town Tel Abyad bordering with Turkey until June 2015 when Kurdish forces took control of the town.

    For four months in a row since December 2014, passengers with registered ID numbers, names, and other personal data stamped by Daesh "department of immigration" and "department of transport" came to Tel Abyad from within Daesh-held territory.

    The Guardian obtained the documents containing 70 names of passengers from Redur Xelil, the Syrian Kurdish forces spokesman. The manifests say there were seven babies under two, 14 children aged three to twelve, seven teenagers and 42 adults.

    If respecting international border control security, border control requires both countries to agree to how people may cross boundaries.

    According to one passenger manifest, five men and one woman came from Kairouan, a Tunisian city notorious as the focal point of radicalism. The Tunisian officials claimed in October that 6,000 of its citizens left the country to fight for Daesh while making the country the biggest provider of foreign fighters heading for Syria.

    Turkey's government has repeatedly stressed its inability to secure its 800-kilometers border with Syria. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told journalists in January, during the time when people were actively passing through Tel Abyad, that Turkey wouldn't see a way to seal the border with Syria.

    "We cannot put soldiers everywhere on the border. In any case, there isn't any state on the other side [of the frontier]." he said.

    Mosul and Raqqa travel agencies suggested a formalized passage of people on the Syrian side of the border at some time in the past.

    The de facto Daesh capital of Syria, Raqqa, located 65 kilometers south to Tel Abyad, and the Iraqi city of Daesh-held Mosul reportedly accepted buses until March 2015.

    In October, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan pledged "to do what is necessary" to stop Kurds from declaring autonomy in the border town of Tel Abyad.

    International community has long pressed Turkey over its alleged ties with terrorists in Daesh as long as Erdogan was known to pursue a policy that contributes to the prosperity of terrorists' in and out ease the territory held by the group.

    Columbia University academic  and researcher David Phillips echoed Russian president Vladimir Putin who said that Russia knows who benefits from oil smuggling in Turkey and who is recruiting new militants while claiming that Turkey allegedly "knows the movements of all persons and can control the flow across the border (between Syria and Turkey) if it chooses".

    He added that "a steady stream of vehicles, individuals, weapons, financing, oil going back and forth."

    "It's not like people are putting on their hiking boots and crossing over rough terrain," he said. "There's an extensive surface transport network which is highly regulated and controlled… on both sides of the border."

    The originality of the manifests has not been challenged, according to an expert on Daesh documents, academic researcher Aymenn al-Tamimi.

    He said "The documents… coincide with other documents illustrating daily bus routes within Islamic State territory. Though private companies provide the actual transportation, the Islamic State bureaucracy is responsible for authorising and overseeing the routes."

    Following the revelations, a top Turkish government authority told the Guardian that Turkey considered any Tunisian entering Daesh-controlled territory as a "foreign fighter". However, he wondered whether the passengers registered in the revealed manifests used the legal road crossing.


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    • Mother Gorilla
      They pass through the Turkish border and then into Europe and apparently they no longer behave as innocently there as would conform with their status as victims ... sorry to have to say that!
    • avatar
      "We cannot put soldiers everywhere on the border. In any case, there isn't any state on the other side [of the frontier]." he said.
      You've done your best to destroy it, but it's not over yet.
    • avatar
      This could place Erdogan in a world tribunal, and NATO is guilty too. This could end in a big mess. Including a WW, IF NATO push issues and U.S gets off hand defending trash like in Turkey. E.U should also get it, for supporting FSA and terrorists.
      They've no idea what they done. But everyone know the chips like in a casino. U.S , E.U will control puppets at U.N and all will stay quiet. Even Int Court is good for NOTHING.

      as such, Russia should open an Int Court, independent with own laws. Not U.S copies. That will rule EEU, CIS, SCO, BRICS, members that sign in, and any other members around the globe.
      With all members voting rights equally to select judges. The present int court is rigged. Does NOTHING anywhere, including Ukraine, that been killing civilians . On U.N Russia could open one in Russia and those countries willing could participate.
      U.N laws are bogus and lies.
      One law declares, that territorial integrity comes when the nation enter as U.N member. Russia founded U.N. Yet, Ukraine , Belarus and others non Soviet occupied territories after WW2, were accepted as members. Not double standards, but outright lies.
    • avatar
      I don't envy the analysts / researchers who have to then attempt to follow these names through to their final destination.
    • FlorianGeyer
      Things we know.
      Saudi Arabia and other Western 'allies' fund ISIL
      The US arms ISIL with funds from Saudi Arabia and its friends.
      The US is active in supporting Saudi Arabia in the destruction of the Yemen.
      Turkey a NATO member is buying stolen oil from ISIL.
      Turkey is supplying arms and supplies etc to ISIL.
      Turkey is bombing the Kurds who fight ISIL.
      Turkey is encouraging the flood of refugees to mainland Europe.

      Who gains from all of this.
      The US gains billions of dollars of weapons sales to those countries who are supporting ISIL
      The US is selling weapons to Europe to fight a imaginary threat from Russia.
      The US is selling weapons to Europe to fight the real threat of terrorism in Europe from US 'supported' terrorists.
      The US will benefit from turmoil in Europe that will fracture the strength of the Euro and force countries to trade more in dollars.
    • avatar
      Not hard to understand why America supports Turkey. Two morally bankrupt cesspool nations.
    • avatar
      When is he going to resign?
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