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    A member of the Iraqi security forces holds an Iraqi flag at a government complex in the city of Ramadi, December 28, 2015

    Iraqi Army Foils Daesh Attack on Strategic Chemical Factory

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    The Iraqi security forces have thwarted a planned attack by Daesh terrorists on a strategic chemical factory in the city of Samarra and continued their advances in Ramadi, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on Thursday.

    The terrorists were ambushed as they tried to enter the Al-Mothana factory 40 kilometers west of Samarra losing many of their men and several armored vehicles seized by government forces.

    Earlier, the Iraqi armed forces and volunteer units continued their advance in Ramadi after securing the central parts of the city.

    Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani Asadi, commander of Iraq's anti-terrorism contingent, said on Sunday that parts of Ramadi still under Daesh control, would be liberated within the next four or five days.

    "Few areas of Ramadi are still controlled by the ISIL [Daesh], they will soon be liberated. We will establish full control over Ramadi in four to five days," Asadi said.

    The Iraqi Army will then move on to drive the terrorists out of the city of Fallujah, 70 kilometers west of the capital Baghdad.

    "The area surrounding Fallujah is under siege, which allows for attacks on the ISIL militants there," Asadi added.

    Last month the Iraqi armed forces began an operation to liberate the center of Ramadi from Daesh terrorists, who have occupied the city since May.

    Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanemi said his troops needed only days to completely drive Daesh out of Ramadi.


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      No foot on the frontline and know nothing about how they fight their war over there, but based on pieces and bits of YouTub video, government solders appeared to be so lazy that no fox holes, no dirt bags, no trench, no barb wires, no booby trapes, no mines, no guarding what so ever? Those terrorists would just screeming and running and shooting without aiming and approaching the camp ground without any consequences? And over running the camp or building while some hot coffees and breads still on the table? Or is it how Middle East soldiers were trained to fight that way? Or that the grounds are hard rocks that digging is impossible ?
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