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    Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, the Saudi grand mufti listens to a speech of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the Consultative Council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tuesday, March 24, 2009.

    Saudi Arabia’s Top Cleric Says Daesh Militants Are 'Israeli Soldiers'

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    Middle East
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    Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh urged increased Islamic cooperation against Daesh, claiming that the militant group was a “part of the Israeli army.”

    The Mufti's statements followed remarks attributed to secretive Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a 24-minute audio recording released last week. In the recording Al-Baghdadi called the new Saudi-led alliance a US ‘puppy' and threatened to turn Israel into a "graveyard," saying Daesh has "not forgotten Palestine for a single moment."

    During a telephone interview with the Saudi Gazette, Al Sheikh spoke in support of an Islamic anti-terrorism military alliance and vowed to defeat the Daesh extremists, claiming that the actions of the violent religious group are heretical and un-Islamic.

    "They cannot be considered as followers of Islam," he said. "Rather, they are an extension of Kharijites, who rose in revolt against the Islamic caliphate for the first time by labeling Muslims as infidels and permitting their bloodletting."

    As for al Baghdadi's pledge to attack Israel, the 72-year old Al Sheikh said that it was a lie and that Daesh jihadists were part of Israeli army.

    "Actually Daesh is part of the Israeli soldiers," he stated, asserting an alliance between the Israeli army and Daesh militants.

    The pronouncements by both Al Sheikh and al-Baghdadi make it obvious that Israel remains a politically charged issue in the kingdom.

    Saudi Arabia on December 15 announced the formation of a coalition to counter terrorism, created by Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince Muhammed bin Salman. Member states include Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Gulf Arab and several African states.


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      in reply toAttendant(Show commentHide comment)
      Attendant, Coming from him, who would? Do you really think that guy is telling the truth? :)

      Actually Daesh is part of the Israeli soldiers,

      That's what he said, right?

      Not only that it does not make sense it is not a grammatically correct sentence either. Half-illiterate religious zealot criminals are not reliable nor competent nor credible sources. Sorry to tell ya that, mate.
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      I support anything and anyone opposed to Israel
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      In the recording Al-Baghdadi called the new Saudi-led alliance a US ‘puppy'

      This is the reason he is putting the heat back on IS. He did not pick just anyone but he has intentionally linked the biggest enemy of the Arab world (Israel) to the Snackbar's caliphate as it is an insult equivalent to the insult (US puppy) issued by the Snackbar caliph to the Saudi king. The blind knob above is just trying to defend his king. This is called - internal Arab BS.
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      in reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, How do you differentiate yourself from any other "right winger", extremist, or zealot? Think about it. No impulsive response is required.

      Anything and anyone...
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      Mitach2002in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, fair question but I guess the hope is that even if what it is that finally overthrows a place like Israel or America that it's either not as bad or perhaps more easy to remove then the previous criminal element.
      As with many things in live you just seek any remedy at first and are willing and hopeful that the consequences are not awful.
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      in reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, I understand but bad should not be replaced with something that is not as bad. Bad needs to be replaced with good. We both agree on that. And I agree with you that there are numerous actions and policies conducted by the two states you have mentioned that would fall into the "bad". BUT, if you hope for goodness, and a better future then a decent class and correct protocols should be implemented first to set the standard. If we have ad hoc approach and we cherry pick what we want to achieve or something we believe in then we are no different to the above blind idiot. I'd like to see myself well above the standards these types have set for themselves. And I hope you too strive to achieve that.

      I do not want to glorify Putin, not at all but I have to take him now as an example of strategic and measured approach to the tasks and challenges that lie ahead of him. And I limit myself to his actions since the commencement of the bombardment in Syria and particularly his response to downing of the Russian plane. These reactions were measured, calculated, analysed, he took his time and in doing so he removed the emotional component from it and then he made his move.

      Israel does not stand the Arabs and under no circumstance would they put their soldiers on the ground with the Snackbars in the fight against Assad. No question about it. Not for a second do I believe that. There may be some individuals from Israel that want to do that or are doing it for personal reasons or benefits, I do not knock back that idea, but undercover Mossad agents...?!

      If Israel decides to fight Assad they will fight him openly just like the other day when they decided to assassinate the Hezbolah guy. They would not hold back. They have weapons, intelligence, determination and are proud enough not to fight with extremists who literally cannot be controlled and who are dead set criminals. So, yeah, class and dignity over emotions or beliefs, I dare say.
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      Just what the MENA mess needs, a hearty dose of anti-Semitism .
    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, Wow,Sputnik has arrived, the "by deception...." devils have placed a highly trained hasbara vendor here, the last paragraph is pure zion. As usual mod the Bear is fast asleep until the oligarki have transferred the money to israel!!
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      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, Say what?
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      There's enough evidence to prove the existence of an alliance of convenience between Daesh, al-Ciada and the Zionist Entity, so the Mufti shouldn't be so summarily dismissed for this particular accusation.
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      in reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      karlof1, Ah mate, I will be labelled as a Zionist again :) It is truly remarkable what people can come up with. Anyway, I am taking the risk despite the chance!

      karlof1, you say "there is enough evidence..." - like where? The Dumbo's word?

      And for the record, (not aimed at you karolf1) I am NOT a Jew, nor am I religious, nor am I a communist nor would I ever support either Israel's policies nor the US policies, nor NATO, nor Putin's. So please refrain from this childish stuff especially people who have religious symbols even in their avatars. Thanks.
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      ivanwa88, Whose side is Israel on?

      They have to be on Israel's side :) Otherwise it would not make sense, would it?

      What I think Israel is doing here is - waiting to pounce. Israel cannot fight everyone around them. They know it. They are not even getting the stolen oil. I reckon they would love to. Have they been "assisting" in certain ways to 'moderate rebels" - Yeah just like the Americans.

      If we are in undeclared and proxy war than those that have created it use proxies to make moves. Why the Turks want a good relationship with Israel? They need their "vote", I reckon. In case Syria is sliced Turkey will want their cut, Sunnis are getting their cut but Israelis will want their cut too. So, what do we have here?

      1) Syrian government, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon on one side are fighting for an uncut version of Syria;

      2) Others (including Israel) are waiting to chop up Syria so everyone gets a piece.

      So, what Israel wants, it seems to me, is more territory.
    • Mr. Blair M. Phillips
      Zionism is,"hell bent" on expanding their occupation of land in the Middle East. Breaking up democratically elected governments in the region with the motive to expand into them make's perfect sense,"to a Zionist". G-d help us all.
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, My apologies. I was pressed for time and failed to make myself clear. What I was referring to were two totally different sets of reports from what should be reliable sources. One group mentioned mercenaries and the other group mentioned undercover Israeli soldiers; they didn't mix the two.
      My point was that there is evidence, independent of what this Saudi said, of the presence of one or the other or even both groups within DAESCH. But they're not of course the same people, just more or less under the control of the same government, Israel.
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      Randall Lee Hilburn
      ivanwa88, Just a reminder of something that happened a while back. The German Government very stupidly deposited a considerable portion of their Gold Reserve in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City. When they asked for their gold back it was discovered that it was almost entirely missing and "Nobody knew where it had gone." The US Government was kind enough (sarcasm) to promise to return the gold by 2035 I believe it was.
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      Gabriel8387in reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, lol
    • pin8
      I agree!: But why sustain the Zionist Lumpenpack?
      Please, ¿Que alguien me esplique?
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      Of course. Israel's motto: "By deception thou shalt wage war." ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service's 'let's you and him fight' divide and conquer force. Israel wants their enemy to be the world's enemy. So they have their enemy puppet do atrocious and hideous things. Rather shortsighted evil plan. What happens if the world learns to add 1 + 1?
    • Baybars
      I'm tired of this soap opera. Al Saud family have used religion to further their goals in the region since the end of the 1700's. Familiar ties exist with the occupiers of Palestine because the al Saud family is complicit in their take over of Palestine. This history can be read even in wikipedia.
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      That would have to be a first : an Israeli army without an air-force, fighting against an army with an air-force, in an otherwise conventional war. If so, I think there's going to be a dearth of Nobel prizes going Israel's way.
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