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    ‘No-Grow Zone’: Israel Admits to Spraying Poisons Inside Gaza Strip

    ‘No-Grow Zone’: Israel Admits to Spraying Poisons Inside Gaza Strip

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    Middle East
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    The Israeli Army has admitted that they used crop-dusters to kill hundreds of acres of Palestinian crops, claiming that it was to “enable security operations.”

    Palestinian officials have stated that over 420 acres of land inside the Gaza strip were damaged by the poisons sprayed to kill vegetation.

    “For years now, the IDF has unilaterally maintained a lethal ‘no-go zone’ on the Palestinian side of the border with Gaza. Now, it seems, it has also implemented a ‘no-grow zone,’” Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man wrote for +972.

    Israeli planes were seen spraying the toxins for several days straight, destroying spinach, pea, parsley and bean crops.

    “The aerial spraying of herbicides and germination inhibitors was conducted in the area along the border fence last week in order to enable optimal and continuous security operations,” an IDF Spokesperson told +972 on Sunday.

    Along the Gaza border, there is a “no go” zone, where at least 16 Palestinians have been killed and another 379 wounded for entering. Palestinian people often claim that those shot were not actually within the zone, and the Israeli military rarely claim any of their victims were actually armed.

    The distance the ‘no go’ zone reaches varies by area, and is often unclear. For example, farmers are allowed to go closer to the fence, but it is unclear how they distinguish between farmers, civilians, and “combatants.”

    “Spraying crop-killing pesticides, like opening fire at people of all ages and gender in the vicinity of the fence, puts civilian lives at risk and hurts livelihoods,” Shai Grunberg, spokesperson for Gisha, an Israeli rights group that works to promote freedom of movement for Palestinians in Gaza, told 972+. “By virtue of Israel’s substantial control of the Gaza Strip, international law requires it to facilitate normal life in the Strip.”


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      When is the world going to vomit Israel out of the community of civilized nations?
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      Israel: the second most hated nation in the world.
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      Does Amnesty International as a jew organization has anything to say about this ?!?
      Of course, NOT !
      AMNESIA International, bastards.
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      I bet the herbicide used was supplied by the same Jewish company Monsanto that supplied Dioxin (agent orange) for Vietnam.
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      maxxus, While I allow that the rare Israeli may be a descent person, the nation as a whole is a genocidal and criminal enterprise lacking any legitimacy whatsoever.
      If their crimes should ever be brought to trial in a court of justice, I don't think it should be an international tribunal which tries the case, but instead a PALESTINIAN one. Let the ones that they have sinned against the most decide their punishment.
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      Sputnik is now printing articles critical of Israel. In such articles Sputnik takes care to quote Jewish sources as the basis of the criticism. Non-Jewish critics of Israel don't count. Sputnik preserves the option of calling them bigots.
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      jasin reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, Just who do you think controls US politics? *rhetorical question*
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      And then the zionists of Israel accuse us of being anti-Semitic when you point out things like there continuous murder and genocide of the people of Palistine and the theft of their land.
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      lets call it what it really is.....genocide
    • Blackie
      Another exceptional country, but what can anybody do, when they tell you God told them to do it?
    • Blackie
      We know about amnesty inc, it was anti war an started by a catholic priest, now they are pro murder via pro family planning organ harvest inc, abortion, and the whole de-population industrie. Evil Incorperated they should be named .
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      What a despicable, inhuman practice. How Man treat Man , much less animals that way. But of course Israel seems to exhibit that type of behavior regularly.
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      This was how the Americans directly and indirectly killed millions of Vietnamese. "Defoilation" Yeah..sure.
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