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    US Intention to 'Isolate' a Power Like Russia is Not Viable – Expert

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    The visit by John Kerry to Moscow signals a shift in the language American politicians use about Russia, in a fresh attempt to change policies in the Middle East without losing face, Christopher Brennan, writer and author of the book “Fall of the Arab Spring: From Revolution to Destruction,” told Radio Sputnik.

    “It’s an acknowledgement that much of the so-called isolation versus Russia is just bankrupt, it cannot work,” Brennan said, adding that, “It’s not a sensible foreign policy to attempt to isolate a power like Russia. Particularly, Russia has… continued to develop faster relations throughout the regions, continued its relationships with Syria… There is a notable modus vivendi with Saudi Arabia, which is a crucial US ally.”

    The isolation simply is not viable, Brennan stated.

    It’s important for the Obama administration, after many promises that there will be no boots on the ground, to rely on its allies in the region, he pointed out.

    “There’s emphasis on using allies, and arbs in particular. And they’ve not been particularly enthusiastic about committing to this,” Brennan explained.

    “In fact, a lot of them entered into the so-called anti-ISIS [Daesh] coalition. Their coming was nominal: they’ve been in for a few days and then just dropped out,” the expert noted.

    “I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on this so-called anti-terrorist coalition by Saudi Arabia. It’s a sort of window dressing to bolster their regional stature and posture, in order to show their policy is contiguous with the US anti-ISIS-terror campaign,” Brennan observed.

    The expert observed that there is no decisive military impact to be expected from the new coalition.


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