23:04 GMT +301 March 2017
    Russian aircraft at Latakia airport

    Russian Jet Su-24 Crashes on Syrian-Turkish Border

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    Middle East
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    Russian Su-24 Jet Downed Over Syria (274)

    Russian Su-24 jet has crashed on the Turkish-Syrian border, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

    "Today, as most likely a result of a strike from the ground a Su-24 plane from the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic crashed in the territory of Syria," the Defense Ministry stated.

    According to the preliminary reports, the plane was gunned down from the ground.

    The Su-24 bomber jet was in Syrian airspace at the altitude 6,000 meters, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The pilots were reportedly able to parachute out of the jet before it crashed.

    "The plane was located at an altitude of 6,000 meters [approximately 19,600 feet]. The fate of the pilots is being determined. According to the preliminary data, the pilots were able to eject. The circumstances of the plane's crash are under investigation. The Russian Ministry of Defense notes that during the flight the plane stayed strictly within Syrian airspace and the flight was logged," the statement read.

    Two Turkish residents were injured by falling debris from the downed Russian bomber, Ulusal TV channel reports.

    Russian Su-24 Jet Downed Over Syria (274)


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      Hoping it's a hoax, but there's video on twitter with an apparently dead Russian pilot. I can hardly find the words to describe this terrible mess.
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      Beware. Beware. Beware of the big, green dragon that sits on your doorstep. He eats little boys, puppy dog tails and big, fat snails. Beware. Take care. Beware.
    • luc devincke
      Some months ago an US spy plane violated DURING 30 MINUTES Swedish airspace to escape Russian interception. Sweden didn't shoot it down, didn't even scramble jets to intercept it and never protested. That's the world we live in.
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      shaikh imran hosain was right.........russia will now conquer constantinople !
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      The Turks are playing a dangerous double game. First, they support ISIL as the middleman in buying stolen Syrian oil from the terrorists so the terrorists can buy arms and supplies. Secondly, the dirty Turks know that the SU24 was a Russian jet flying over Syrian airspace. By shooting it down over Syrian airspace that was an act of war. That was deliberately calculated to bring in Uncle Sam and Nato if Russia retaliates in self-defense. Folks, this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
      Russian Ministery of Defense states that the SU-24 didn´t enter Turkish air space and that likely it was shot down from Land and not from the Air.

      Turkey is stating the opposite, that the SU-24 crossed into Turkey air space and that it was shot down by its F 16, from the air.

      Turkey is lying.

      The SU 24 didn´t enter at all the Turkish air space and it was not its F 16 which shot it down; it was clearly shot down by a land to air missile, shot from the Syria area controlled by terrorists from Turkish origin.

      Why is Erdogan Lying?

      Maybe because they want to cover the fact that Portable Air Missiles from USA origin are already in possession of the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations.. most likely distributed by the Special 50 USA military advisers deployed 3 weeks ago within Syria to support the so called moderate terrorists.. or, another explanation, it is to make of the case a serious issue... IT IS IN FACT AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST RUSSIA... in order to get NATO involved... clearly against Russia... either by NATO or by Turkey itself initiative, because one of them or both planned intentionally this shot of the Russian plane... to justify something by NATO which is about to unfold... let us wait and see...

      But the WW 3 is closer and closer...

      Now Russia will have to react... after to be sure about what happened.. and it will be a strong reaction...
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      The only thing from the ground that is going to bring down a plane from 19,000 feet is an anti aircraft rocket, ground fire from a 20 or 30 mm is not going to do it. Erdogan is a Saudi puppet, an Islamist child molesting parasite just like his Saudi and Qatari masters.
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      One more thing, it was report last month I believe that either Qatar, or Saudi Arabia was purchasing and distributing shoulder fired anti aircraft missals to there terrorist friend Al-Qaida and ISIS.
    • jean.henri.peulinckx
      My deep sympathy for this courageous Russian pilots who are trying to liberate us from these monsters.
      May God help them!
    • n.petrossov
      Putin and his friends - they're ready for everything, so they have solutions to everything as well. We love Putin and his people. I'm sure pilots are good trained and they are safe. The good people will always win, it may just take time.
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      in reply toJOSE LUIS DA COSTA SOUSA (Show commentHide comment)
      jldcs12, Go listen to the video. I hear 20mm cannon. To use a missile when guns are available shows your "hidden hand" if you're isis. Don't let the enemy know what you have...."
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      I wonder what the Turks have in mind
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      I wonder what the Turks have in mind
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      Turkey is NATO's b*tch and Turkey will do as Turkey is told to do. (or else)
      Remember the Mavi Marmara and all the tough talk from Turkey. It amounted to .. absolutely nothing.
      Heel, b*tch, heel like a good dog.
    • Blackie
      Russia must now with force close the Turk ISIS border area by land and air .
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      gmprattin reply toBlackie (Show commentHide comment)
      d-hgar, You have understood. Putin is disciplined. He will use Turkey's outrage to Russia's advantage. The hot dog eaters of the western world are not going to give up their dubious pleasures to protect Turkey. When the Russian response comes it will be open and obvious -- humiliate the enemy more than wound him.
    • Blackie
      No way should Turkey be allowed into the EU . We must surely see every Turk plane in the Sky
      anywhere shot down by the Russians . Take the gloves off we are all sick of the theatrical games . China should go into Syria and Iran. This could be the end for Turkey .
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      Turkey HAS to be bombed and Turks massacred. This was intentional otherwise the ejected airmen would have been captured and made an example out of. Turkey is a debauched Asian nation that is deluded into believing it is European. What would the US have done if Belarus or Armenia would have shot one of its planes down? Not bombing Turkey will give an incentive to all other terrorists to freely target Russian war planes. Teach Turks the lesson of their lives and warn the US to stay away. Besides, Turkey's rationale of protecting Syrians of Turkish descent opens the door for Russia to bomb Ukraine on the pretext of protecting Ukrainians of Russian descent (rhetorically speaking).
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      Thank you Mister Putin and your brave Russian pilots for attempting to rid the world of this vermin. Turkey buys stolen Syrian oil from ISIS to support terrorism. US pilots being told to not hit targets. Figure it out.
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      Turkey itself has been violating the airspace of its neighbor, Greece, for about 40 years now. In the period from January 2015 to October 2015, the following violations data speak for themselves:
      1633 violations of Greek airspace
      718 ICAO violations
      121 armed aircraft formations involved
      1233 total aircraft involved.
      32 overflights of Greek land
      74 aircraft engagements
      Greek aircraft follow international rules of engagement. They just lock on Turkish aircraft, but never shoot them. Now, ONE (1) Russian aircraft goes close to the Turkish airspace, and the Turks shot it down. We are talking about a very aggressive country with a proven record of provocations over several decades.
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