13:32 GMT +323 March 2017
    Syrian Arab Army's special operation in Douma, a Damascus suburb

    Syrian Army Liberates Two Christian Villages From the Clutches of ISIL

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    Middle East
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    The Syrian Army has managed to regain control of the Christian villages of Mheen and Hawwarin, located in southeastern Homs province, a source in the Syrian military told RIA Novosti.

    "The army has regained control over the Christian villages of Mheen and Hawwarin in the southeastern part of Homs province. Scores of terrorists were killed," source said.

    The village of Mheen was seized by Islamic State militants on November 1. The attack on the settlement, populated mostly by Christians, was supported by Islamic radicals from the region. Christians from the neighboring village of Sadad fled, fearing for their lives.

    At the moment, the ISIL militants still maintain their hold over the settlement of Al Quaryatayn.


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    • It show again that Syria is a secular country. Well done.
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      The relationship between Islamic State and USA is same as before, between USA and Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Namely, KLA was on list of terrorist organizations, supported from Near East, but about 1998 USA recognized new reality, performed humanitarian bombing of Serbia and formed independent state of Kosovo. Same will be done now, if Islamic state became stronger, USA will recognize new reality and will recognize ISIL. By this way they winn new ally against Iran and Russia, connection of Saudi Arabia and Mediterranean, and for people, as until recently, they do not care. Bur people, as our democrats, like fairy tales….Russian intervention so even probably saved the world….
    • Vladislav Sotirovic
      When somebody is going to liberate Christian villages in Kosovo from Kosovo KLA ISIL? It is 16 years of Islamic Jihadist terror and ISIL occupation of Christian Kosovo. Enough!
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      Time to get the IS capital in Syria, that U.,S want to use for propaganda... They trying to use Russia's work and say it was NATO's coalition. France is part of the coalition.
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