19:24 GMT23 June 2021
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    The ISIL militants have been detained near the village of Hardan in Iraqi’s Nineveh Province. They all appeared to be Saudi Arabian citizens, according to Kurdish Militia fighters.

    Members in the Kurdish military forces of Peshmerga, Saturday, captured three ISIL terrorist group field commanders, who were attempting to sneak into predominantly Kurdish Sinjar District in the northwest of Iraq,  the DPA News Agency reported quoting sources in the Kurdish militia.

    “Kurdish forces Peshmerga detained three of Islamic State’s commanders near Hardan village in Sinjar District (located 120 kilometers — about 75 miles — to the northwest of Mosul),” the source reported.

    The unnamed source also revealed that those detained have Saudi Arabia citizenship and were aiming to push deeper into Sinjar District.

    The capital under the same name was liberated from ISIL militants in the middle of November. The town of Sinjaris located in Iraqi Nineveh Province near the Syrian border approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles) to the north-west of the country’s capital Baghdad, is inhabited mostly with Kurdish Yazidis.

    Islamic State militants seized the town in August, 2014, destroying infrastructure and forcing some 200,000 city residents – predominantly members of Yazidi community — to abandon their homes and flee the violence.

    Most Sinjar residents are still living in the Kurdistan region and Danai and ready to return to the ruined town only if provided with “heavy weapons to defend themselves, and a guarantee of protection from the international community,” the Saudi Gazette reported.


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