09:02 GMT22 June 2021
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    On Friday, the White House announced it would deploy in Syria up to 50 additional Special Operations forces to assist the campaign against ISIL. Two small US teams are set to assess the security situation on the ground and coordinate with local Syrian forces in the country.

    The decision comes after President Barack Obama pledged in 2013 not to put US forces on the ground in Syria.

    Phil Butler — political analyst based in Trier, Germany, commented on the issue in an exclusive interview with Sputnik.

    “It is a curious announcement that Obama made. It seems like something else is going on which we don’t see right now. It could be a screening operation; these Special Forces could extract something or somebody from these ‘moderate’ rebels.”

    He went on to say that right now the US policy is total ‘chaos’ as it seems that the US and the coalition is back paddling and thinking what sort of position to take.

    Currently, the US is trying to work out a way to get leverage over Putin’s move in Syria.

    “I don’t think it has anything to do with enhancing the peace process. From what we have seen so far Ukraine, Syria, Georgia all of this West versus East rhetoric almost all of it took place by design, it is a business proposition. Announcing the deployment of 50 Special Forces in Syria, I think that is just letting the American people know that they were there in case one of them gets killed trying to cover up or something else,” Butler said in an interview.

    Speaking about the US public, Butler said that Americans are being brain washed by their media to an extent that no other nation has ever been brain washed before.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has dropped plans to carry out airstrikes against ISIL positions in Syria, the Times newspaper reported on Tuesday. According to the newspaper, Cameron failed to persuade Labor MPs to secure the vote in favor of extending the UK’s military action in Syria.

    Earlier, Britain’s Foreign Affairs Committee stated it was unlikely to grant to the government a mandate to conduct military operations against ISIL in Syria as well.

    It stressed that the operation should not be extended unless there was a clear strategy on both how to fight against Islamic State and end the civil war in Syria.

    Talking about the British government decision to drop plans to carry out strikes against ISIL in Syria, Butler said that the British people are more pragmatic than Americans and geographically they are closer to where all the action is happening hence, they are not happy as a lot of money and wasted effort has been spent to try and conduct these wars.

    “The whole Arab Spring aftermath and Ukraine and nothing has been gleamed by the people in the UK. British people’s lives have not become better because Mister Cameron is going to send some jets to bomb some people no one has ever seen.”


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