12:03 GMT +325 February 2017
    Israeli soldiers watch the flames on a mountain side in the El-Rom settlement in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights on June 28, 2015

    Israel Discovers Enormous Oil Deposit in Occupied Golan Heights

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    Middle East
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    Israeli oil prospectors have discovered a large oil deposit in the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory which it has occupied since 1967.

    Israeli oil prospectors discovered a large oil deposit which could make the country self-sufficient in energy, Israeli business daily Globes reported.

    The oil deposit lies in the Golan Heights, which is internationally recognized as Syrian territory but has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 war between Israel and Arab states. Israel is unable to import oil from nearby Arab oil-exporting countries, which do not recognize Israel and have no diplomatic relations with the country.

    "We are talking about a strata which is 350 meters thick and what is important is the thickness and the porosity. On average in the world strata are 20-30 meters thick, so this is ten times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities," geologist Yuval Bartov of Afek Oil and Gas told Israeli television.

    Israel has previously worked to make itself self-sufficient in oil deposits by developing offshore drilling, but the new discovery is said to cover all of the country's energy needs.

    "There is enormous excitement. It's a fantastic feeling. We came here thinking maybe yes or maybe no and now things are really happening," Bartov added.

    The Israeli-occupied Golan Heights also border Syrian territories which are controlled by Syrian anti-government rebels. Israel has reportedly provided medical aid to the rebels and has responded to rocket fire from the rebel-controlled territory by striking Syrian Army positions. Israel's explanation for the actions has been that it "holds the Syrian military responsible for all events stemming from its territory."


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      there was a contract to drill for the oil and gas 4 years ago but Assad still in power!
      but it was bot make public.
    • FeEisi
      It is too bad humans aren't good at sharing. Will more conflict breakout?
    • avatar
      And this may put Israel at another tipping point. When Syria will ask Russia to monitor and ask Israel to cease and desist on stealing Syrian oil. GREAT excitement. Israel been stealing Water from Palestine and deposits on occupied lands. That's what shows the garbage U.N really is.
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      nobody will exploit this, is Mr Putin who will exploit it as it is belong to Syria.
      Israel will not even dare to use the Lebanese one, they know what Hezbollah can do.
      Israel is a giant with argil foots.
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      No wonder they occupied that part of the Golan heights created financed and supported those terrorists as a buffer between Assad's Syria & the Zionist aprihards slaughtering the Palestinian people so they get total control of the coastline and access to Egypt on the other side. Time to send those Zionist aprihards packing. I always wondered why world leaders refuse to condemn openly the atrocities that the Zionist regime has commited and still continue to ever since it was occupied. Today's leaders lake the courage well most of them. I believe after the Second World War a committee was formed to resolve all international Issues in a peaceful manner through dialogue. I believe it goes by the title UNGA. Unfortunately it has failed miserably. Either dismantle it and create a new committee with leaders of good moral, courage and commitment to peace & prosperity around the world or clean it out by getting rid of those paid trolls cut-outs and whores.
    • The truth about the four consecutive attacks on the USS Liberty may help to figure out who attacked whom in 1967?!
    • It helps if there is no Syrian State, but do the MB fools have any brain?
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