13:06 GMT +326 February 2017
    Russian airstrikes in Syria

    Russian Warplanes Destroy ISIL HQ Near Palmyra, Up To 40 Militants Killed

    Russian Defense Ministry
    Middle East
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    A Russian military spokesman dismissed earlier reports that Russian warplanes had bombed the ancient city of Palmyra, as was claimed by several international media outlets.

    Russian warplanes destroyed an ISIL command center on the outskirts of Syria's Palmyra, killing up to 40 militants, a Syrian military source told Sputnik on Tuesday.

    The command center was located near the town of As Sukhnah 28 km away from Palmyra.

    “The surgical airstrike was carried out in the vicinity of As Sukhnah. An ISIL command center was destroyed along with several pickup trucks and armored vehicles that were parked nearby. Thirty-five to forty militants were killed,” he added.

    Earlier on Tuesday, Western media outlets cited Syrian state television as reporting that Russian fighter jets had struck Islamic State militant targets among the ancient ruins of Palmyra, a 2,000-year-old city and registered UNESCO site.

    "All reports by foreign media that Russian planes allegedly conducted airstrikes against the city of Palmyra are an absolute lie," ministry's spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.


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      Great! Another nail in the ISIS/CIA/US/EU coffin.

      When will the funeral be held? :-))
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      It's truly amazing how many targets of this type exist after a years worth of attacks by the illegal coalition--or did they really attack since there're so many of this type of target?
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      karlof1in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      jetscan2nl, And will that funeral be bombed?
    • Hermes
      So the looneys that destroyed the world's cultural heritage are already on their way to hell. Instant tit for tat with the compliments of the whole of humanity.
    • choticastile
      "All reports by foreign media that Russian planes allegedly conducted airstrikes against the city of Palmyra are an absolute lie," ministry's spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a statement."

      No doubt about it Maj Gen K! Russia will simply continue quietly routing out these evil monsters, not for a moment be side tracked by all these vicious SOUR GRAPE WESTERN lies -- all aimed at rattling the Bear's cage. Won't work -- Never has -- Russian hearts and minds steadfastly remain on the task at hand! God bless Russia.
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      and when you finish cleaning up in Syria, don't forget Iraq that has suffered even longer under the hand of the western interventionists.
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      excellent, soon will be moping up time on the ground.
    • The BBC is a den of cohens and gays, both firmly in the synagogue of satan.
    • jaodernein garshinvic
      this rain of steel on the US terrorist legion is so good to see
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