16:41 GMT +327 February 2017
    Sukhoi Su-34 in flight

    Game Over: ISIL Short on Cash, Russian Planes Back Them Into Corner

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    Middle East
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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    ISIL is in serious trouble, as terrorists are being squeezed from all sides by airstrikes, meanwhile their economy is coming apart at the seams. Islamic radicals need to take over new territories to improve their budget, but with Russian planes hovering over the Syrian sky, things aren’t that easy anymore.

    Tough times have come to the self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate with the start of Russian airstrikes: areas under ISIL control are shrinking day after day under the pressure from Russian missiles that are backing the terrorists into a corner, Svetlana Kholodnova of RIA Novosti said.

    Turns out, ordinary ISIL terrorists are getting significantly poorer as a result of pay cuts. Many of them have started to flee the Caliphate despite the risk of getting their heads chopped off if caught by their former comrades-in-arms.

    "Hundreds of fighters are running away from ISIL because of low salaries," Kholodnova said, citing those who managed to defect.

    A year ago, ISIL's finances were pretty good. Terrorists made millions of dollars from illegal oil trade, taxing folks in conquered territories, selling ancient artefacts, human trafficking, ransoms and funds from their oil-rich Persian Gulf "sponsors," Kholodnova said.

    The question is: where did all the money go? Well, first of all, the Iraqi Army pushed ISIL out of the oil wells in Iraq. Second, the United States used its channels to eradicate middlemen who helped ISIL to sell illegal oil on the black market. Furthermore, with the start of airstrikes the terrorist organization stopped receiving "cash convoys" from their sponsors due to a risk of them being destroyed, the RIA Novosti journalist explained.

    In addition to all of this, with more people fleeing the Caliphate, there are fewer people for ISIL to tax. Those who still live in terrorist-controlled territories are struggling to pay their taxes and financial penalties imposed by ISIL, as the Caliphate can't provide a working economy for people to live, preferring to spend most of its budget on buying weapons.

    To revive its economy, ISIL needs take over naval ports in Tartus and Lattakia, the two richest cities on the Mediterranean coast. But now, it's too little too late. The two port-cities have bases where Russian bombers land. It will be simply unimaginable for ISIL to take over these two cities right now, Kholodnova said.

    There isn't much that ISIL terrorists can do at this point. ISIL is being squeezed from all sides and quickly running out of money. The terrorists can either flee or surrender to the mercy of victors. The first choice seems better to them, especially after all the trouble and hardship they have brought to Syria and Iraq over the past few years. The time for payback is nearing.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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      Now that RUSSIA FINALLY woke up, why not get a group of scientist , engineers...and prepare fast a barometric missile, to get wherever the caliphate is. Leave a crater like in the moon, and their heads float over the explosion, to show the world what Russia do to terrorists.
      They lucky Russia did not release the most secretive units. Because the caliphate, ( A COWARD) would had run like what he is, to UNGA to ask the world to stop Russian terrorists.
    • Mikhas
      They should go back to the medieval simian kingdom of child molesters and inbreed freaks, Saudi Arabia, and start chopping each others heads of ´til they get exhausted, then the Iranians can take care of it and it´s holy sites..
    • King Arturus
      Good job Russia, kill all the rats.
    • avatar
      Great! Now roll them back into their sponsor's territories--Turkey, Saudi, Zion--and let the well deserved blowback commence!
    • AnomicDust
      US and allies hit the same brick wall at the macro level. ISIL was cracking the nut for them. As above so below. The big beast is having its nuts cut off.
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      Putin for President
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      ISIL will require a bailout from the FED to keep going
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      The end of US tyranny and imposition of its will on the world is coming , I think, to an end.
      Industrial/military complex: out, let the good American, decent, ordinary people take over. I know , it's easy to talk....I have no illusion. That system needs to be rocked hard and starts learning about the virtue of humility. In the meantime, 'they' could become dangerous as they realize that their reign of terror(US inspired terror) is coming to an end.....the world will not be the same again. The EU should declare its independence, reclaim their national borders, currencies, identities, in this now multi-polar world, the only formula to find equilibrium, balance, fairness, and freedom for a normal life on earth, while acknowledging that God is in control, He has some Laws, there are also natural Laws, and finally that He must Reign on this earth. Period. I have never been that optimistic for a long time. Russia: THANK YOU. May you hear all the kolokolshiks (?)ring together harmoniously to announce a better future for all.
    • Its Iskander time now, all the stock near to expiry.
    • Robert
      There's a very interesting article in Zero Hedge about a very possible retaliation from the West and its puppet cohorts, now that the power structure in the ME is about to be tipped over:


      While it may be game over for ISIL, we really have no idea what the psychopaths in the Western halls of power might pull out from under their sleeves. Because this really isn't all about the formation of a Shi‘ite Crescent. The pipelines are but a small part of the hidden narrative here. What the ongoing ME chaos really is about is the prolonging of a failed trading currency system, aka the Petrodollar System, from which Washington derives its power, and from which the world is steadily moving away from. Washington knows this ongoing trend as reflected by a recent comment by John Kerry on the collapse of the dollar. You also somewhat get a sense of this in Hillary Clinton's belligerent stance towards Iran, in spite of the ongoing nuclear deal at that time.

      ISIL is a US-created attack dog, just like Al-Qaeda. Believe you me, had the world not gotten wind of this, ISIL will still be performing that function to this very day. That's the moral compass of the West for you.

      It isn't really about freedom, democracy and the rule of law. That's hogwash! There's nothing upright about these people in the halls of power. What they're practicing is survival of the fittest: the big bad fish eats the small bad fish. They're only now contradicting themselves because they've been caught red-handed.

      So the real problem here is...... tah dah!: Money (petrodollar). Russia bombing ISIL out of existence will cause the warmongers to back into a corner, as they see their world shrinking. And you know what cornered cats do. This is far from over if you look at the overall picture. We are right now distracted by Syria, but Syria is but a part of the grand picture. The grand picture of which, by the way, had been planned even well before any of the current ME chaos started.
    • Russia, Souria, Bashar w bas!
    • Hermes
      I am thankfull to Russian servicemen who are risking their lives for the peace and security of the common people. I hope Russia succeeds quickly in wiping out ISIS (by whatever name they are going at any moment), If Russia succeeds other states with psychopath western proxy terrorist infestations may decide to ask for help too. They should kick out the USA/Nato first because they are only there to aggravate citizens into joining ISIS by bombing civilian targets. In my opinion the airstrikes also serve the purpose of cover for the arms-droppings by Nato that have been reported from Iraq. With USA/Nato on your side you will never beat ISIS. You will only make things worse.
    • Hermesin reply toRobert (Show commentHide comment)
      ......What the ongoing ME chaos really is about is the prolonging of a failed trading currency system, aka the Petrodollar System

      I think you are wrong. This isn't about anything as trivial as the value of some currency.
      They are trying to set up Russia for a regional nuclear war. To this aim they started supplying Pakistan with the means to produce lots of bombs that are supposed to spread all over future Isis territory.
      Ever wondered why there is so much high level discussion about Irans nuclear capabillities since nobody can prove they have anything else in mind than civilian use and on the other hand pakistan is manufacturing nukes on demand (saoudi arabia has already laid claims to their share) without a whisper from anyone including the Russians and the Chinese.
      The US defense department fairly recently ordered a study into the effects of a regional nuclear war far away on another continent. Turned out the effects on USA would be minimal. Though this isn't the time when the idea first occured. Since 1954 the US nuclear dotrine acknowledges that taking part in a direct confrontation with Russia would under all circumstances devastate the US. They have always been working from the idea that a nuclear war should be fought by a proxy that to the world has no relation or is an enemy of the US in order to avoid retaliation and make the plan work smoothly. All indications point me to the distinct possibillity that tis is infact what is going on and that a (proxy) nuclear victory is what the US is aiming for. There is no other way to subdue Russia.
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