12:23 GMT18 May 2021
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    Middle East
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    US Senator John McCain blamed President Barack Obama for the lack of political will to maintain US leadership in the Middle East after Russia launched its first airstrike against ISIL in Syria.

    "It did not have to be this way — but this is the inevitable consequence of hollow words, red lines crossed, tarnished moral influence, leading from behind and a total lack of American leadership," McCain said during his speech at the Senate, as quoted by Politico.

    McCain called for Obama to wake up and to re-establish US influence in the region not through a boots-on-the-ground operation in Syria or Iraq, but by defeating the Islamic State terrorist group.

    According to the senator, Washington should provide more support to the Syrian army.

    He added that the US should be interested in maintaining influence in the Middle East region in the long-term.

    The conservative wing of US political elite has blamed Obama for weakness and the controversial policy which has allowed Russian leader Vladimir Putin to strengthen Russia’s positions in the region, according to Politico.


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