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    Islamic State militants parade in a commandeered Iraqi security forces vehicle on a main road at the northern city of Mosul.

    ISIL Militants Open Center to Sell Human Organs in Mosul

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    Spokesman of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Mosul Said Mamuzini spoke to Sputnik about ISIL militants opening a center in Mosul to sell human organs.

    Mamuzini Said was forced to flee the city of Mosul after militants took hold of the city. According to him, the ISIL terrorists have opened a so called ‘specialized clinic’ for the removal and sale of human organs.

    “The terrorists opened the clinic on July 13, 2015. They named it after former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The surgeries are performed by ISIL doctors. Gunmen seize the organs of local people and sell them to wealthy clients. Most of the population in Mosul is in utter poverty. Some of the residents are forced to sell their body parts so that they don’t starve to death,” Mamuzini told Sputnik.

    He further said that there is no work and people are not allowed to travel outside the city. They have no choice but to sell their organs. “Terrorists do not care who is in front of them — women, children and old people. They seize the organs of everyone. The captives are imprisoned and threatened with death, or they are promised to be released in exchange for a particular organ. Militants buy organs for 4 million dinars (about $3,500) but sell them at a much higher price.”

    Earlier it was reported that the infamous terrorist group is believed to be the richest in the world and their latest gruesome business may be enormous as it involves a long chain of traffickers and medical institutions in other countries.

    The real numbers of victims and the turnover of the brutal trade remain unknown, but it is definitely a part of ISIL’s revenue stream, estimated to be around $2 billion a year.

    The other major sources of income are illegal oil trade, drug smuggling, human trafficking, kidnapping, various fees and charges on local population and private donations from all over the world.

    Mamuzini explained that trade is conducted almost everywhere in Iraq. “We also know that ISIL militants have sent organs to Syria.”

    He stressed that most of the population fled Mosul after the capture of the city by the militants. “Prior to ISIL about 4 million people lived in Mosul. But after the city was captured by the terrorists, many residents have fled. As a result, currently there are over 1 million people residing in the city.”


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