15:52 GMT19 January 2021
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    US Central Command (CENTCOM ) said that US-led coalition against the Islamic State has conducted 29 airstrikes in Syria and Iraq targeting the terrorist group’s personnel and infrastructure.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) The US-led coalition against the Islamic State has conducted 29 airstrikes in Syria and Iraq targeting the terrorist group’s personnel and infrastructure, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement on Monday.

    “In Syria, coalition military forces conducted eight airstrikes using bomber, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft,” CENTCOM said in the statement. “Separately in Iraq, coalition military forces conducted 21 airstrikes coordinated with the Government of Iraq using attack, bomber, fighter, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft against ISIL [Islamic State] targets.”

    Eight airstrikes near Syrian cities of Hasakah, Ar Raqqah and Tal Abyad hit Islamic State tactical units, fighting positions, bunkers, structures, an excavator and supply tanks, according to CENTCOM.

    The coalition conducted 21 airstrikes near nine Iraqi cities, including Ramadi and Mosul, destroying an Islamic State homemade explosives factory, tactical units and positions, weapons and vehicles, buildings, a bunker, a staging area, a homemade explosives resupply trailer as well as a tunnel system.

    “Anti-ISIL [Islamic State] forces and coalition airstrikes have freed many from the barbarism of Daesh [Islamic State], denied Daesh [Islamic State] a safe haven and has provided Iraqi forces the needed time and space to regenerate combat power and go on the offensive,” Combined Joint Task Force public affairs officer Wayne Marotto said.

    The airstrikes are a part of the US-led coalition’s Operation Inherent Resolve that aims to eliminate the Islamic State terrorist group, according to the statement.

    The coalition of 62 nations has conducted more than 5,700 airstrikes against the Islamic State since August 2014.


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