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    A video showing a fearless Syrian granny openly slamming ISIL fighters for brutality and slaughter has gone viral on social media.

    Fearless Syrian Granny Leads Fight Against ISIL

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    A video showing a fearless Syrian granny openly slamming ISIL fighters for brutality and slaughter has gone viral on social media.

    Ekaterina Blinova - A video showing an elderly Syrian woman denouncing the Islamic State fighters as "devils" and urging them to "turn back to God" has gone viral on social media.

    "Oh you, devils, turn back to God," the elderly woman dressed in traditional Arab clothing screamed at an approaching car of Islamists.

    "Oh, grandmother, what do you mean?" one of the jihadists asked.

    Urging the militants to "turn back to God," the Syrian woman blasted them for their ruthless slaughter, repeating loudly the word "haram" (sinful). "What about all those you killed and the Kurds, that you slaughtered," the granny said, warning that "it's all forbidden [by God]" and condemning the ISIL fighters for cursing Muslim preachers.

    "No one of you will win anything," the wise elderly woman predicted, "You will keep killing each other like donkeys."

    It seems that the militants were annoyed by her words: "Grandmother we don't have any free time, go away," one of the insurgents said abruptly. But the brave woman proceeded to slam the Islamic State for savagery and brutality, citing the Koran. Those who sin against God will not enter Paradise and will burn in hell, she told the militants.

    "Fear Allah and you may receive mercy," she said, "God is watching what you are doing."

    Remarkably, despite their obvious irritation the men kept listening to the elderly woman.

    "Now when you got money from America and weapons of America you want to kill each other," she said.

    "What you said was correct," one of the jihadists replied.

    "Turn back to God, grandchild," the Syrian granny said with a pain in her voice.

    The video, believed to be filmed in Syria, has been repeatedly reposted on social media, and received praise from Twitter users expressing their admiration for how the woman stood up to the Islamists.

    On Monday, the Islamic State received a severe backlash from Egypt a day after the terrorist group published a video showing the decapitation of 21 Egyptian Christians. Reportedly, Egyptian jet fighters bombed militant camps, training sites and weapons storages of the Islamic State in Libya killing up to 50 militant fighters.


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