22:40 GMT19 October 2020
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    Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russian envoy to the United Nations, told members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday that the "sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela" should be upheld through Caracas' own domestic dialogue, rather than foreign interference.

    "The recent breach of sovereignty poses a direct threat to the country's peace," Polyanskiy said during a UNSC meeting. 

    "We have prepared a draft Security Council press statement to address the above-mentioned issues," the Russian envoy to the UN announced later in the meeting.

    "The members of the Security Council called for the current situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to be resolved through adult dialogue by Venezuelans, without interference, through peaceful and political means in line with chapter six of the UN Charter, within the framework of its national Constitution, and in full respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela."

    This comes on the heels of a May 20 Wall Street Journal report alleging that the US is considering a new round of sanctions against Iran to deter the country from exporting fuel to Venezuela. 

    Currently, five Iranian tankers are en route to Venezuela amid Caracas' domestic fuel crisis triggered by the US' sanctions on Venezuelan state oil-giant PDVSA in 2019. Related oil properties in Venezuela have also been seized by foreign powers within this period. 

    Earlier this month, Venezuela Interior Minister Nestor Reverol revealed that Caracas had foiled an attack carried out by alleged Colombian militants. Eight of the invaders were killed during the counter-operation and several militants were detained, including US national Luke Denman, who claimed during interrogation that the militants were attempting to seize Caracas' airport to facilitate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro transfer to the United States.  

    Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela's foreign minister, announced Tuesday that Caracas intends to take their oil trade issues with the US to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

    “New threats of sanctions and confessions from a US spokesman confirm [US] aggression against Venezuela. With the resources earned from the sale of oil, medicines, food and supplies are purchased for our people. Preventing this is a crime. We will raise this issue before the International Criminal Court,” he announced via social media

    However, it's worth noting that the US is not a State Party to the Rome Statute of the ICC.


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