12:49 GMT09 May 2021
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    Bolivia's interim authority opened a criminal case against former president Evo Morales for allegations of inciting unrest and terrorist activities against the nation's current government. In addition, the Bolivian upper house earlier on Saturday annulled Morales’ 20 October presidential win.

    The senate second vice speaker, opposition lawmaker Jeanine Anez, who has declared herself Bolivia's interim president after Morales fled to Mexico on 10 November, on Saturday rejected legislation introduced in the upper house to exempt Morales from criminal prosecution, AFP said.

    "We have categorically affirmed that my government will not persecute any politician, union or civic leader [...] But at the same time we are also clear that everyone who has committed crimes, has mocked the law, has committed abuses, will not have any amnesty", Anez said, cited by AFP.

    The bill was introduced earlier by Morales’ Movement for Socialism (MAS) party, which has now become the opposition faction in the nation's senate.

    After Morales exiled himself to Mexico amid violent protests against the results of the October presidential election in which he secured an unprecendented fourth term in office, much of Bolivia’s senior management resigned as well.

    The ex-president's supporters subsequently engaged in rallies against the self-proclaimed Anez government, which has led to additional clashes with security officers.

    Morales has described the ongoing crisis in his home country as a coup.


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