11:07 GMT05 March 2021
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    Following a wave of high-profile resignations in Bolivia, including that of embattled ex-President Evo Morales, people took to the streets on Sunday in joy and confusion after weeks of protests demanding the annulment of the 20 October presidential vote and calling for deep economic reform in the country.

    Social media video posts depicting people celebrating in the streets of cities, including the capital of La Paz, went instantly viral, as residents cheered the end of Morale's 13-year rule.
    Some protesters took advantage of the temporarily halted political turmoil and broke in to the national legislature, stealing a flag representing Bolivia's indigenous peoples, an act said to disrespect the former Bolivian president.
    ​Hours later, controversial reports emerged from the Venezuelan embassy in Bolivia. Footage depicting an angry mob instigating unrest near the diplomatic mission also went viral. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro earlier slammed the political turmoil in Bolivia as a "coup d' Etait", and threw in his support for resigned ex-President Morales while condemning the protesters who include much of the nation's police force.

    ​On Sunday, Morales announced his resignation, after the commander of the country's armed forces, Williams Kalima, urged him to do so amid violent protests in the country sparked by the 20 October OAS fraud allegations on election results.


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