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    The alleged drug dealers used an elaborate cover by hiding cocaine in phallic containers and selling them in the red light district of a city near the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. They are also said to have come up with a code language to communicate with their clients, calling various weights a “grandmother” or a “baby”.

    Argentinian police have arrested suspected drug dealers selling cocaine in plastic penises similar to ones sold in party costume stores, The Guardian reports. The police have released a video showing 10 cocaine-filled penises, along with other evidence.

    According to the outlet, apart from the drug-loaded phallic containers, law enforcement seized more than a kilo of cocaine and half a kilo of marijuana. The haul was discovered at the home of the alleged leaders of the gang, a Peruvian couple who also ran a restaurant called Little Corner of Peruvian Flavour.
    One of them was already under house arrest during the bust. Altogether, the police arrested five men and three women in seven raids in three different districts of the country’s capital region.

    The ring peddled drug-stuffed sex toys in the red light district in La Plata, which is about 60 kilometres away from Buenos Aires.

    Apart from this cover, the suspects reportedly also came up with a special code language. The investigators, who began the probe at the beginning of the year, in January, and used undercover agents, intercepted 400 hours of phone calls, revealing the codenames for transactions. The dealers reportedly used the word “grandmother” for 10 grams of cocaine and a “baby” for five grams.

    In one of the intercepted calls, a client was heard asking “Send three grandmothers to my house”, to which a gang member replied “Three grandmothers and two babies?”


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