23:32 GMT02 December 2020
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    The purported leader of the armed wing of the drug trafficking Sinaloa Cartel, Claudia Ochoa Félix, known as the “Kim Kardashian of organised crime”, has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. The cartel’s leader Joaquin Guzman was sentenced to life in prison in the US this summer on charges of drug trafficking and other related crimes.

    Claudia Ochoa Félix, an Instagram influencer who is also believed to be one of the highest ranking female bosses affiliated with Mexico’s  Sinaloa Cartel led by now arrested Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, has been found dead in a house in Culiacan, in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, according to local media reports.

    Félix, who has been known as “Empress Antrax” since revelations about her ties to the murder squad Los Ántrax, which is allied with the Sinaloa Cartel, reportedly died on 14 September from pulmonary aspiration, although an investigation is still ongoing and local reports vary, with some also citing overdose as the cause of the woman’s death.

    ​It has been said that Félix, who gained popularity after posting numerous photos with firearms, such as a pink AK-47, and her luxurious lifestyle on Instagram and Twitter, was found dead in her lover’s house. He allegedly called the authorities after falling to wake her up following a night out in a Culiacán club.

    Her body has now been taken to a forensic lab to undergo an autopsy, but it is unclear so far whether her death was accidental, because alcohol and other substances were found in the model’s blood. There are also several pictures of her alleged body circulating online.

    ​Claudia Ochoa Félix gained notoriety in Mexico over conflicting accounts about her love life and personal involvement with the armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel, Los Ántrax.

    It is believed that Félix was romantically involved with José Rodrigo "Chino Ántrax" Arechiga Gamboa, the leader of Los Ántrax, who was arrested in December 2013 at the Amsterdam Airport.

    Arechiga Gamboa’s armed squad was allied to the Sinaloa Cartel led by Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapò” Guzman who was sentenced to life in prison in the US this summer.

    Following Arechiga’s arrest, Félix was believed to have become the new leader of Los Ántrax and was dubbed the "Kim Kardashian of organised crime" due to her strong social media presence and resemblance to the American reality TV personality. She is believed to have later married a drug trafficker in the Sinaloa Cartel nicknamed “El Chavo Felix”, with whom she had three children.

    Félix vehemently denied the accusations of her involvement with the crime syndicate during a press conference in 2014, prompting her to switch to private accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

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