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    Fire tornados are one of the rarest natural phenomena in the world; dubbed 'fire devils' they only form under very specific atmospheric conditions.

    Farmers needed two hours to put out fires after a tornado hit farmlands in Santa Helena de Goias, Brazil on Tuesday.

    The fire was was captured on film by farmers who were using controlled fires to clear the fields.

    The video shows the flames suddenly take the shape of a tornado before ripping across the land and leaving the farmers in amazement as the pillar of fire arches upwards towards the sky, surrounded by smoke and explosions.

    The video later shows the farmers attempting to put out the fire with a hose.

    ​Twitter users responded in amazement to the incredible sight, with some comparing it to Dragon fire.

    ​The phenomena, also called a 'fire devil', is extremely rare and can only be created under very specific climate conditions. According to Meteorological experts from Sao Paulo’s Somar Meteorology Institute reported in the Daily Mail, fire tornadoes only materialise with a combination of high temperatures, turbulent winds, low air humidity and dry soil. 



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