20:22 GMT21 September 2020
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    Venezuela's wannabe president, Juan Guaido, has apparently turned to mysticism in his quest to topple rival Nicolas Maduro.

    Writing for The New Yorker, reporter and author Jon Lee Anderson recounted how Guaido was touring his home state of Vargas in March together with a "man in owlish glasses" named David, who introduced himself as Guaido's astrologer.

    Travelling across the state in an armoured vehicle, David was apparently worried about a possible encounter with pro-Maduro paramilitaries, whom he described as an "incarnation of evil" and "representatives of the Devil on earth". Chilling.

    David told Anderson that Guaido was in fact a descendant of a sixteenth-century Venezuelan tribal chief, while President Maduro was "the axis of evil". David also "revealed" that Maduro's much-rumoured Cuban operatives had practiced "dark arts" to lead the president to evil.

    The stars also appear to have told David that Donald Trump is likely to get re-elected, but that it depends on Venezuela's "becoming free".

    Guaido's representatives, along with those of Maduro, are currently engaged in peace talks in Norway. The presidential pretender has repeatedly stated that the opposition would be satisfied with nothing short of unseating Maduro.

    Guaido has resorted to a combination of street protests and talks with the US after a failed coup attempt in late April.

    The telegenic opposition leader, 35, who proclaimed himself interim president in January, has garnered support from most Western countries as well as the 12-nation Latin American Lima Group.

    A number of countries, including Russia, China, and Turkey, still endorse Nicolas Maduro, who was controversially re-elected last May.


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