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    The tremor struck around 180 kilometres east of the town of Moyobamba at a depth of 105 kilometres, the USGS reported on Sunday.

    A 8.0-magnitude earthquake has rocked northern Peru, according to the United States Geological Survey. 

    The USGS previously reported a 7.5 quake. The affected countries besides Peru include Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.



    Twitter users also reported feeling the tremor in the nations neighbouring Peru.

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    • 16:38

      One Killed, 11 Injured in Peru Earthquake - Authorities

      The powerful 8.0 earthquake that hit Peru earlier on Sunday resulted in at least one person being killed and eleven injured, Peru's National Emergency Operations Centre said.

      "So far 1 person has been reported dead, 11 people injured," the centre tweeted.

    • 15:24

      Peru to Hold Tsunami, Earthquake Drills on 31 May - Reports

      Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra announced that the country will conduct tsunami and earthquake drills on 31 May, because Peru is prone to such natural phenomena, local media reported.    

      "This Friday, 31 May, we hold an [earthquake and tsunami] drill because we remember the Ancash earthquake of 1970, which 49 years ago caused tens of thousands of deaths. [Back then] our compatriots were not prepared [for this]. Let's learn from this experience and be more prepared for these types of events", he said, as cited by El Comercio newspaper.    

    • 15:09

      Six Injured Across Peru in Powerful Earthquake - Reports

      Local media reported, citing chief of the National Emergency Operations Centre Ricardo Seijas, that at least six people were injured in a 8.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Peru earlier on Sunday.

      At least 18 houses were destroyed in at least seven provinces, Seijas stated. He added that the road infrastructure, three schools, three medical centres and two temples were damaged by the disaster.

    • 13:51

      'Couldn't Sleep a Wink the Rest of the Night' - Peru Quake Witness

      An eyewitness of the major earthquake that shook Peru on Sunday, former police officer Yolanda Gárate Mori, has said that the tremor was "really strong and prolonged". 

      "We had been sleeping until we were woken up by some sort of commotion and then we rushed to the entrance door of our house where it is safer", the 56-year-old woman said. 

      To Mori's admission the whole situation felt terrible as she did not know when the quake would be over and she was deeply worried for her family. 

      "We are still frightened and couldn't sleep a wink the rest of the night", Mori said. 

      She confirmed that her relatives who live in the Peruvian jungle area where the effects of the quake were felt even stronger are currently fine. 

      Mori noted that the latest earthquake became the second strongest tremor since 2007 when the country also experienced an 8.0-magnitude quake. 

      According to the woman, Peru will hold nationwide drills on 31 May aimed to prepare the population for similar occurrences. 

      "We do not know when something more serious could happen", she said.

    • 11:02

      4.9-Magnitude Aftershocks Reported in Peru After Major Quake - Geophysical Institute of Peru

      Another, less severe, 4.9-magnitude earthquake has hit Peru 7 kilometres to the south-east of the town of Castrovirreyna in the Huancavelica Region of Peru, according to the Geophysical Institute of Peru. The tremor took place at a depth of 108 kilometres.

    • 10:33

      Several Injured, Sixteen Buildings Damaged In Wake of Peru Quake - National Emergency Operations Centre

      The Peruvian National Emergency Operations Centre has stated via Twitter that several people have sustained injuries as a result of the earthquake that hit Peru earlier this day. According to the centre, some sixteen buildings were damaged by the tremor. The situation is being monitored in vulnerable zones, the centre added.

    • 09:55

      Peruvian President Urges Citizens To Stay Calm Following Quake

      Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra has called on the citizens of his country to remain calm in the wake of a huge tremor that hit the South American state. Via his Twitter account, the president said that the emergency services of the country are evaluating the situation.    

    • 09:42

      Fans Alarmed as BTS K-Pop Group Currently in Quake-Affected Brazil

    • 09:24

      WATCH Devastation Caused by Tremor in Peru's Yurimaguas

    • 09:17

      Peruvian Singer Ezio Oliva's Concert Interrupted by Quake (VIDEO)

    • 08:57

      PHOTOS of Devastation Caused by Peru Quake Emerge Online

    • 08:55

      Panic and Blackouts Plague Peru After Massive Earthquake Hits North of the Country

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