08:22 GMT14 August 2020
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Venezuelan government officials have tried to contact US authorities to resolve the issue surrounding the occupation and possible takeover of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Samuel Moncada said during a press conference.

    "We have tried over and over to talk to the US authorities…to resolve this matter," Moncada told reporters on Wednesday.

    US activists have been living inside the Venezuelan embassy since late April to prevent the opposition from taking over.

    On Monday night, the US Secret Service broke into Venezuela’s embassy. Opposition leader Juan Guaido’s representative, Carlos Vecchio, said in a statement that the Secret Service agents have ordered the activists to leave the embassy or face imprisonment and prosecution.

    However, at least four Embassy Protection Collective activists remained in the embassy despite the warnings. They have repeatedly said they are inside the diplomatic facility legally, residing as guests of the legitimate Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro, and subject to local Washington, DC tenant laws as well as the Vienna Convention.

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    The Venezuelan government characterized the US authorities’ intrusion into their embassy in Washington as a violation of international law.

    The Embassy Protection Collective activists have been staying in the Venezuelan embassy since April. US authorities turned off the water in the embassy on Saturday and have prevented food and medical supplies from being delivered to the facility.


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