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    Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed Interim president of the country, Juan Guaido, published a video in which he urged soldiers to join protests against President Nicolas Maduro in order to oust him.

    The footage shows Guaido, surrounded by people in military uniform, claiming that he has already received the support of the Venezuelan Army, going on to call for the "final phase" of the protests. The politician stressed that the people of Venezuela would be fighting "in a nonviolent struggle" to "assume [the] competencies of the government".

    READ MORE: Caracas Confronts Military Traitors as Guaido Urges End to Maduro's "Usurpation"

    According to the politician, he filmed the video at the La Carlota Air Base, while Reuters reported that he had been spotted on a Caracas highway next to a military base.

    The last time Guaido appealed to Venezuelans was just before a massive blackout in the country, which, according to the government, was caused by sabotage at a major power plant.

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    • 03:10

      FAA Prohibits US Air Operators from Flying Below 26,000ft Over Venezuela

      An Aeroflot Airbus A320 passenger airliner takes off

      FAA Prohibits US Air Operators from Flying Below 26,000ft Over Venezuela

      The US Federal Aviation Administration gave US air operators 48 hours to depart Venezuela by "the most expeditious possible route".
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    • 02:19

      Lima Group Once Again Calls on Venezuelan Military to Support Guaido

      The Lima Group countries in a joint communique issued following its meeting on Tuesday once again called on the Venezuelan armed forces to support opposition leader Juan Guaido, who had illegally proclaimed himself president of the country.

      "The governments of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela ... Once again call on the Venezuelan national armed forces to demonstrate their loyalty to acting President Juan Guaido," the document said.

      The Lima Group called on the world community to closely monitor recent developments in Venezuela and to offer its political and diplomatic support to the Venezuelan people. The next meeting of the Lima Group will be held on May 3 in Peru.

    • 01:37

      Venezuelan President Maduro Delivers Address to 'Venezuelan People and World'

      Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

      Venezuelan President Maduro Delivers Address to 'Venezuelan People and World'

      Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has appeared on state television together with Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino and the head of the National Constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello.
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    • 00:46

      Opposition Leader Guaido Urges Venezuela's Military to 'Keep Advancing' in 'Operation Freedom'

      Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido called on military to "keep advancing" in his so-called "Operation Freedom". He also claimed that Nicolas Maduro does not have the support of the armed forces.

    • 00:17

      Venezuelan Opposition Figure Leopoldo Lopez Moved to Spain's Embassy in Caracas, Chilean Foreign Minister Says

      Chilean foreign minister Roberto Ampuero said on his Twitter page that Venezuelan opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez has left Chile's diplomatic residence and moved to the Spanish embassy. Ampuero added it was a "personal decision".

    • 00:12

      Brazil Says About 25 Venezuelan Military Staff Requested Asylum - Reports

    • 22:45

      Almost 70 People Wounded in Protests Near La Carlota Military Base in Caracas

      As many as 69 people were injured in demonstrations near La Carlota military base in Caracas, Gustavo Duque Saez, the mayor of the Chacao municipality of Venezuela's capital, said.

      "At the moment, the health authorities received 69 injured in demonstrations in Carlota, 41 of them were wounded with buckshot, 2 - with gunshot, 21 - suffer injuries ... three of them have lesions of respiratory tract," the mayor wrote on Instagram.

    • 22:04

      Venezuela's Opposition Figure Lopez Enters Chilean Embassy in Caracas - FM

      Supporters placed life-size cardboard cutouts of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez outside the Justice Palace as the trial against Lopez for inciting violence at anti-government protests began, in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, July 23, 2014

      Venezuela's Opposition Figure Lopez Enters Chilean Embassy in Caracas - FM

      Venezuela's opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez had entered Chilean diplomatic mission in Caragas, Chilean foreign minister said.
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    • 21:48

      Pompeo Claims US Had Indications Maduro Was Ready to Leave Venezuela

      US Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo claimed in an interview that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was prepared to leave the country on Tuesday morning, but then reversed his plan.

      "[Maduro] had an airplane on the tarmac, he was ready to leave this morning as we understand it and the Russians indicated he should stay," Pompeo told CNN on Tuesday.

      Pompeo added that Maduro planned to go to the Cuban capital of Havana.

    • 21:34

      Trump Threatens 'Full and Complete' Embargo on Cuba Amid Venezuela Crisis

      In this March 28, 2019 file photo, President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Mich

      Trump Threatens 'Full and Complete' Embargo on Cuba Amid Venezuela Crisis

      US President Donald Trump threatens "full and complete embargo" and sanctions on Cuba if its troops do not cease operations in Venezuela.
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    • 21:11

      Nicaragua Expresses Support for Venezuelan President Maduro

      Nicaragua has expressed its firm support for legitimate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the country's Foreign Ministry said in a Tuesday statement.

      "The government of reconciliation and national unity and the Nicaraguan people condemn and categorically reject the innumerable provocation that has already been carried out today against the right to peace and stability of the Venezuelan people and its legitimate government, led by the constitutional president, comrade Nicolas Maduro," the statement reads.

      Nicaragua also expressed its absolute support for all efforts by Maduro and the people of Venezuela to promote dialogue and reconciliation, and expressed solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

    • 21:06

      WATCH: Armoured Vehicle Runs Over Rioters in Caracas

      The TV footage shows an armoured vehicle, which appears to belong to the Venezuelan National Guard, ramming into a crowd of rioters in the Venezuelan capital.

    • 20:15

      Solution to Venezuelan Crisis Can Only Be Political and Peaceful - Mogherini

      The EU is closely following the latest events in Venezuela, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in a statement Tuesday.

      "The EU is closely following the latest events in Venezuela. We reiterate that there can only be a political, peaceful and democratic way out for the multiple crises the country is facing. The European Union rejects any form of violence and calls for utmost restraint to avoid the loss of lives and an escalation of tensions," Mogherini said.

      "The European Union firmly stands with the Venezuelan people and its legitimate democratic aspirations. We will continue to spare no efforts to achieve a reinstatement of democracy and rule of law, through free and fair elections, in accordance with the Venezuelan constitution," she said.

    • 20:01

      US Actions Deteriorate Situation in Venezuela - Moscow

      Briefing by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova

      US Actions Deteriorate Situation in Venezuela - Moscow

      UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) - The US administration’s actions and aggressive rhetoric on Venezuela have caused the situation there to deteriorate, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Maria Zakharova told reporters on Tuesday amid an attempted military coup in the Latin American country.
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    • 19:46

      At Least 35 People Injured in Clashes of Police, Protesters in Caracas – Reports

      At least 35 Venezuelans were injured during clashes between police officers and protesters in Caracas' district of Altamira, local media reported Tuesday, citing healthcare services.

      A total of 19 people were hit by shotgun pellets, 13 were injured and three were gassed, according to the Noticias Venezuela portal.

      The Chacao Municipality police confirmed to Sputnik that unrest took place, and some people were wounded without naming exact numbers.

    • 19:20

      Bolton: All Options are on the Table Regarding Venezuela

      National security adviser John Bolton listens during a press briefing at the White House, Monday, Jan. 28, 2019, in Washington.

      Bolton: All Options Are on the Table Regarding Venezuela

      Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said earlier in the day that the United States had signed off on an attempted coup in Venezuela by calling on the country's armed forces to support the opposition parliament.
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    • 18:37

      Canada Requests Emergency Meeting of Lima Group to Discuss Venezuelan Crisis

    • 17:55

      Flight From Paris en Route to Caracas Make U-Turn Over Atlantic - Reports

    • 17:49

      UN Hopes US to Uphold Agreement, Let Venezuelan Top Diplomat Come to New York

      UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said in a press briefing on Tuesday that he didn't know whether the sanctions against Caracas would affect Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza's ability to come to the organisation’s headquarters in New York, but expressed hope that Washington "would always respect their engagements on the host country agreement".

      He added, "We have no reason to believe the United States will not uphold its part in the headquarters agreement".

      People protest in Venezuela
      © Sputnik
    • 17:45

      Erdogan on Events in Venezuela: 'It's Inadmissible to Appoint a President From Abroad'

      ANKARA (Sputnik) - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attempted coup in Venezuela, saying it was unacceptable to change power in the country in an undemocratic way under pressure from external forces.

      "Those who are trying to appoint a governor to a post-modernist colony instead of the elected head of Venezuela should know that only in democratic elections it is determined how the country will be governed. In a democracy, the main thing is elections," Erdogan wrote on Twitter.

    • 17:14

      US Police Block Entrance to Venezuela's Embassy Amid Anti-Coup Rally (PHOTOS)

      Chain locked doors and signs are seen to the entrance of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington, U.S., April 25, 2019.

      Police Arrive at Venezuelan Embassy in Washington With Handcuffs, Block Entrance

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US law enforcement officials blocked off the entrance of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington on Tuesday amid ongoing protests over the handling of the crisis in the Latin American country, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the embassy.
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    • 17:13

      WATCH Tensions Brewing Outside Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC Amid Coup Attempt in Caracas

      An activist in opposition of the U.S. involvement in Venezuela occupying the Venezuelan Embassy, sits in a window sill in Washington, U.S., April 25, 2019.

      Situation Outside Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC (VIDEO)

      Juan Guaido, a US-backed Venezuelan opposition figure and self-proclaimed interim president of the country, released a video on his Twitter page on Tuesday, urging the country's troops to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. However, hours later, Maduro announced that the country’s military leaders had shown "their total loyalty".
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    • 16:24

      Caracas Metro Partially Stops Work for Security Reasons Amid Attempted Coup in Venezuela

      "We inform our users that, for security reasons, three lines of the Caracas Metro system stop servicing until further instructions. We apologise for the inconvenience caused," the metro said on Twitter.

    • 16:18

      WATCH People Rallying in Support of Venezuelan President Maduro in Caracas

    • 15:51

      Vehicle Runs Over Protesters Throwing Stones at It in Caracas - Reports

    • 15:38

      Moscow Calls to Avoid Violence, Warns Against Unrest and Bloodshed in Venezuela

      The Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry building in Moscow

      Moscow Accuses Venezuelan Opposition of Trying to Whip up Conflict

      The situation in crisis-torn Venezuela received new impetus earlier in the day after opposition leader Juan Guaido urged Venezuelan civilians and armed forces to take to the streets to help depose President Nicolas Maduro.
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    • 15:02

      US-Backed Guaido Claims 'No Turning Back' in Push to Overthrow Venezuela's Maduro

    • 14:58

      US Signs Off on Coup, Calls on Military to Support Opposition - Venezuela FM

      A military member throws a tear gas canister near the Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda Airbase La Carlota, in Caracas, Venezuela April 30, 2019

      US Signs Off on Coup, Calls on Military to Support Opposition - Venezuela FM

      BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) - The United States signed off on an attempted coup in Venezuela, calling on the country's armed forces to support the opposition parliament, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Tuesday.
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    • 14:30

      Maduro: All Venezuelan Military Leaders Loyal to Caracas

      A military member aims a weapon near the Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda Airbase La Carlota, in Caracas, Venezuela April 30, 2019

      'They've Shown Total Loyalty': Maduro Says He Has Spoken With Military Leaders

      Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president of the country, Juan Guaido, has published a video calling on soldiers to join the ranks of his supporters against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
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    • 13:59

      Internet Access Temporarily Blocked in Venezuela - Reports

    • 13:46

      Juan Guaido Leaves Rally Near La Carlota Base in Caracas - Reports

    • 13:44

      Situation in Caracas Remains Calm, Military Backs Maduro - Russian Embassy

    • 13:40

      Brazilian FM Araujo Welcomes 'Transition of Power' in Venezuela

      plainclothes contractors working for Blackwater USA take part in a firefight as Iraqi demonstrators loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr attempt to advance on a facility being defended by U.S. and Spanish soldiers in the Iraqi city of Najaf

      Blackwater's Founder Plotting to Send 5k Mercenaries to Topple Maduro – Report

      The development comes amid calls by Venezuelan self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido, supported by the US, to ensure the “definitive cessation of the usurpation” of legitimately elected President Nicolas Maduro as part of his so-called Operation Freedom, which has repeatedly failed to attract a large audience in the country.
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    • 13:32

      US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Supports Guaido's Call for Military Uprising

    • 13:26

      Situation at Caracas Military Base Tranquil, Venezuelan Embassy's VIDEO Shows

      Military members stand near the Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda Airbase La Carlota, in Caracas, Venezuela April 30, 2019

      Situation at Caracas Military Base Tranquil, Venezuelan Embassy’s VIDEO Shows

      Earlier in the day, Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president of the country, Juan Guaido, published a video calling on soldiers to join the ranks of his supporters against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
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    • 13:22

      Cuba Condemns Coup Attempt in Caracas

      "We strongly condemn the attempted coup d'etat in Venezuela. Firm support and solidarity of Cuba to the constitutional president of a sister nation, Nicolás Maduro, his Government, and to the Bolivarian and Chavista people", Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla said on Twitter.

    • 12:50

      US National Security Adviser Bolton Calls on Venezuela's Military to Support Opposition Coup

    • 12:45

      Venezuelan Authorities Deny Reports of Shooting at Guaido's Rally

      The Venezuelan authorities have stated that the situation near La Carlota Air Force Base is calm while broadcasting a video from the site of events.

      Previously, Reuters reported, citing witnesses at the scene, that several shots had been fired near the base, where supporters of Juan Guaido are holding a rally. They claimed that men in military uniforms backing Guaido and soldiers supporting Maduro were firing at each other.

      Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido addresses supporters during a meeting at Chacao neighbourhood in Caracas on April 19, 2019.

      People Take to Streets Outside Airbase After Guaido's Announcement (VIDEO)

      Earlier today, Venezuela's self-proclaimed president announced a so-called "final phase" in his attempt to topple the legitimate Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro.
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    • 12:11

      WATCH Tear Gas Fired Against Guaido's Supporters as They Try to Block Roads

    • 11:51

      Attempted Coup in Caracas is 'New Attack of Empire' - Bolivian President

      President of Bolivia Evo Morales criticised the "coup attempt”, stating that it had been started by politicians who "submit to the foreign interests".

    • 11:47

      International Contact Group on Venezuela to Meet on 6-7 May - EU

      Argentina's former star player Diego Armando Maradona, right, listens to Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaking during his closing campaign rally in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, May 17, 2018

      Maduro Says Venezuela Now Free of ‘US Ministry of Colonies’

      CARACAS (Sputnik) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro described the country’s withdrawal from the Organization of the American States (OAS) as a liberation from the “US ministry of colonies.”
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    • 11:38

      Spanish Gov't Claims Guaido is Legitimate President of Venezuela, But Refuses to Support Military Coup in Caracas

      "We ... have no doubt that the solution for Venezuela has to come hand in hand with elections, Spain does not support any military coup", the spokeswoman for Spain's acting government, Isabel Celaá, stated.

    • 11:33

      Madrid Calls on Venezuela to Avoid 'Bloodshed'

      "Faced with these events, we have to reiterate what we have always said about the situation in this country. We wish with all our might that there is no bloodshed", spokeswoman of the Spanish acting government Isabel Celaá told a news conference.

    • 11:31

      Head of Venezuelan Parliament Urges Supporters of Maduro to Rally Near Presidential Palace

      "We are telling the people of Venezuela that at this moment we are standing up to a small group of military personnel, the traitors, who are at Distribuidor Altamira highway exit and are promoting a coup against constitution and peace in the republic", Rodriguez said on Twitter.

      Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who many nations have recognised as the country's rightful interim ruler, speaks during a swearing-in ceremony for supporters in Caracas, Venezuela April 27, 2019

      Caracas Confronts Military Traitors as Guaido Urges End to Maduro's "Usurpation"

      Venezuela has been embroiled in a political conflict that further escalated after opposition leader, Juan Guaido proclaimed himself interim-president of the country. He has repeatedly called on Venezuelan citizens to join rallies to oust elected President Nicolas Maduro, but has failed to attract broad support for his efforts.
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    • 11:23

      Venezuelan Armed Forces Remain Loyal to President Maduro - Defence Minister

      According to Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino, the military remains "firmly in the defence" of the legitimate government.

      "They are cowards! We will stand firm in defence of the constitutional order and peace of the Republic, assisted as we are by law, reason and history. Always loyal, never traitors!", he said.

    • 11:19

      Police Fire Tear Gas at Guaido and Men in Military Uniforms Near La Carlota Air Force Base - Reports

    LIVE UPDATES: Situation in Venezuela as Guaido Calls on Troops to Oust Maduro
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