11:29 GMT26 October 2020
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    Unrest has broken out on Venezuela's border with Brazil as trucks with humanitarian aid tried to cross into the country despite a ban by the country's leader Nicolas Maduro. Similar attempts to deliver aid from Colombia prompted Caracas to sever ties with Bogota.

    A journalist from RT's Redfish project has been injured during protests in Venezuela, according to the broadcaster. The journalist, Nicole Kramm, was “nearly killed”, the broadcaster said in a tweet, when members of the Venezuelan opposition rammed armoured vehicles into civilians on the border with Colombia. She sustained a leg injury but continued working.

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    Redfish is a subsidiary of RT's Ruptly global mutlimedia agency that focuses on production of short documentaries and video content.

    The situation in crisis-hit Venezuela reached the boiling point on Saturday when clashes between Venezuelan police and protesters erupted over the trucks with unauthorised humanitarian aid attempted to cross into the country. In another instance, trucks trying to deliver aid from Brazil were burned at the border.

    The unrest led to 335 people being injured in clashes between law enforcement officers and protesters on Venezuela's borders with Colombia and Brazil.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro refuses to allow in unauthorized aid deliveries, saying that they are a ploy to topple his government. Amid Saturday's attempts to force unauthorized aid deliveries into the country, Caracas severed diplomatic and political relations with Colombia, ordering diplomats to leave the country in 24 hours.

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