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    Political Crisis in Venezuela (579)

    CARACAS (Sputnik) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has told Sputnik in an interview that Juan Guaido's actions are pushing forward coup d'etat in Venezuela.

    "As far as I know, this measure has not been taken so far. Let's wait for [the completion] of internal constitutional and judicial processes in order to see the results. We will not hurry up, we will wait", Maduro said.

    According to Maduro, this issue is a constitutional matter of the Venezuelan justice.

    "As the head of state, I have an opinion that a coup d'état is being pushed forward that is a violation of the constitution. But this is only the opinion of the head of state. The prosecutor general has to act, and he has already started to act, the Supreme Court is to act, and it is already acting. And the decisions of the prosecutor’s office and courts will be implemented by the Venezuelan legal system", Maduro added.

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    Earlier in the day, the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice banned Guaido from leaving the country and blocked his bank accounts until the completion of the investigation.

    Earlier this week, Venezuela's Prosecutor General Tarek Saab asked the Supreme Tribunal of Justice to introduce the preventive measures against the opposition leader Guaido. The request was made after US National Security Adviser John Bolton announced that the United States was imposing sanctions on Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. Bolton, in particular, said that Washington would block $7 billion in PDVSA's assets in the United States, while another $11 billion would be losses in terms of oil deliveries.

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    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said PDVSA could be relieved from US sanctions if it commits to the expeditious transfer of control to Guaido.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday accused the United States of an attempt to "steal" Citgo, the US-based subsidiary of PDVSA, and called the new US sanctions against PDVSA illegal.

    According to the president, Caracas will take measures to protect its property, including by filing lawsuits with US courts.

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    Political Crisis in Venezuela (579)


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