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    Dr. Robert Rey

    Doc Hollywood for President: Brazilian Plastic Surgeon to 'Cure' His Country

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    Robert Rey, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, TV star and "Doctor Hollywood" of American-Brazilian origin announced December 5 his candidacy for the presidential elections to be held in Brazil in 2018. In an interview with Sputnik Brazil, Dr. Rey revealed his plans to save his country.

    Dr. Robert Rey moved from Brazil to the US as a child. Fast forward nearly forty years, and Rey, deeply unsatisfied with the political situation in his home country, is returning to Brazil in order to make his motherland great again.

    "I left Brazil when I was 12; João Goulart was then in power — a communist madman, who destroyed the country. Brazil was drowning in the economic and political crisis; the country was literally on its knees! And now I'm coming back almost 50 years later and I see Brazil still oppressed with the most corrupt government in the world — the Partido dos Trabalhadores (the Workers' Party)," Dr. Rey told Sputnik Brazil.

    Obviously, the Brazilian doctor has a special prescription to cure his country's ills.

    "The only thing Brazil needs as the most corrupt country in the history of mankind is honesty."

    "The government claims that 4.5% of the GDP is spent on education, just like in the US, but it is actually a big lie. Michel Temer's interim government is also a lie. In fact, that money is plundered," the plastic surgeon said.

    In his opinion, Brazil's greatest ever leader was Juscelino Kubitschek, the 21st President who had a medical education.

    "The first president, who improved Brazil, was a surgeon. Now, the next surgeon who will become the head of Brazil is going to lead it into the First World — and that surgeon is me."

    The doctor is extremely well educated and is financially independent, in fact Rey is the seventh richest doctor in the world. His bid for power is a way for him to pay something back to his homeland. Rey considers having a medical background is a huge plus for a global leader.

    "I am the voice of conservatism in Brazil. Look at the conservative countries around the world, such as Germany, England, the US and Australia. And then take a look at the communist countries, for example, the Mercosur bloc — it's a mockery. Communism does not work," the plastic surgeon said.

    "Take a look at England's Theresa May or at France, where the right are gaining popularity. Take a look at the US, a country where Latin Americans supported Trump even though they were verbally abused by him. I voted for him. I know that he will contribute to the growth of the US economy, he will cut taxes. So, I'm going to Brazil to show a similar example," he continued.

    According to Dr. Rey, Brazil's ministries in Brazil are being abused by communists through "buying votes. " When he is a president, he will disband some ministries, which are "only robbing people," leaving only 20 the most important ones.

    In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin is "a great idol" for Dr. Rey.

    "I can't finish without expressing my admiration for Vladimir Putin," the Brazilian doctor noted. "Putin completely changed the economy of the country; he is my example №1. He leads a powerful and respected country. The first thing I'll do when I'm president is visit Moscow in order to meet him personally," the surgeon added.

    But it is not just about Mr. Putin — Dr. Rey also loves and respects the Russians and the history of Russia. "I'm not kidding when I say that I want to have my ashes scattered over Russian soil," he said.

    "When I become President of Brazil, I will break ties with the communist countries, such as Cuba and Venezuela, and create new strong relations with Israel, China and especially with Russia and the US. In fact, China, which looks like a communist country on the surface, is the most capitalist country that I've seen," the Brazilian concluded.


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