07:23 GMT01 March 2021
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    Throughout his campaign, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has stirred up racist and anti-immigrant sentiment against Latinos by calling Mexicans “killers,” “criminals,” and “rapists.” But a Mexico City brewery exacted a bit of revenge on Thursday by tricking some of the billionaire’s supporters into funding their beer party.

    Cerveza Cucapa, an artisanal brewery in Baja California, posted a video in late September showing their spokespeople visiting the US and selling blue t-shirts with the reality television star’s face and the statement, "I support Donald."

    People who purchased the shirts thought they had found another way to show support for the controversial real estate magnate, but what they did not know is that their body heat would alter the image produce a red clown nose on Trump’s face, and a new message that said "Donald: El que lo Lea," a traditional phrase meaning, “Whoever reads this is Donald.”  

    Funds from the crafty sale provided free beer for a few hundred Mexicans sporting yellow wigs mocking Trump’s wispy signature hairdo. Said 54-year-old Leticia Villanueva, "It's amazing that we can have a party paid for by Donald Trump!"

    Cucapa employee Esteban Pacheco commented that the shirts were not only intended as a prank on Trump supporters, but also to bring people together for a common, positive cause.

    "We want to unite the people with these types of activities," he said.

    Ivan Grajeda, 21, remarking on Trump’s plunging poll numbers said, "His campaign is garbage, and the only good thing he's ever done is get us drunk…It's great that he's losing… that's a triumph for Mexico."

    Some of the revelers said that they had been encouraging their families in the US to do whatever they could to keep Trump out of office. "I ask my family members over there to vote for Hillary," said 28-year-old Jose Ramon Trevino, "as it's not in their interests for Trump to win…I have family in Chicago and they are hard-working people, who don't go looking for problems or beg for money in the street."


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