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    Jacira Noronha

    Example to Follow: Bodybuilding Brazilian Grandmother Becomes Internet Sensation

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    Jacira is a fifty-seven year old woman, a bodybuilder, a mother of four and a grandmother of three children, who became a Brazilian Internet sensation. Her motivation and will power are nothing but pure inspiration to improve one's life. The lady in the prime of her life shared her secrets in an interview to Sputnik.

    Jacira Noronha, a teacher from the Brazilian state of Roraima is a bodybuilder and gym owner. At 57 years, she has suddenly become a social media celebrity. Jacira's Instagram page inspires over 40 thousand followers.

    Jacira Noronha
    Jacira Noronha Facebook
    Jacira Noronha

    In an interview to Sputnik Brazil, Jacira revealed that she turned to bodybuilding after getting injured 13 years ago.

    "I went to the gym in search of health. Bodybuilding has become a part of my life since I got into a motorcycle accident. My leg's motor function was disrupted; I've lost a lot of muscle tissue. As my muscles did not respond to other stimuli, I turned to the gym," the woman explained.

    That was a very brave decision — doctors actually forbade Jacira from any sports activities.

    "At that time, I needed surgery, but my financial condition did not allow me to get it. So, I enrolled at a gym at my own risk, though my orthopedist forbade me even to walk by it!"

    Jacira Noronha
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    Jacira Noronha

    "I considered my gym visits as rehab exercises," she continued. "Six months later I was fully restored and completely in love with bodybuilding. That is when I decided to open my own gym."

    Jacira said that she has a very busy schedule. The woman works at a state school in the mornings, so she is already up at 5:20 am and doing her cardio training at 5:50. After 50 minutes of exercises, Jacira heads off to work. At midday, she opens her gym and spends another 50 minutes on her power exercises.

    "My training is very diverse — I do not repeat the same things all the time; I have a bit of everything," the bodybuilder revealed her secret. By the way, Jacira's two daughters co-own the gym. "Each of us has her own purpose, but the most important one is to look always ‘appetizing.'"

    Jacira Noronha with one of her daughters, Karolina Marreiro
    Jacira Noronha Facebook
    Jacira Noronha with one of her daughters, Karolina Marreiro

    Popularity came to Jacira all of a sudden. One day, after she was interviewed for the first time, she decided to publish a screenshot with a caption revealing her real age.

    "I published it on my page, and when I looked at it again, the picture was already shared more than 1,600 times! I was blown away by that! I found it interesting and unusual for a woman of my age. I am 57, I have 4 children, 3 grandchildren and another one is on his way," said Jacira.

    The bodybuilder also gave some straightforward but important advice to those who always want to be fit and healthy.

    "Exercises should be started with a calm approach. Do not fall under the influence of bad professionals, and always be careful. Never take any substances that promise you quick results — the actual results can often be contraindicated for health reasons."

    Jacira shares her experience with enthusiasm. She intends to improve the services provided at her gym, especially for those who turn to exercise for health rehabilitation like she once did.


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