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    Thousands of people took to the streets in Brazil in protest against the impeachment of suspended President Dilma Rousseff. Massive rallies in support of Rousseff took place in ten states after Brazil's Senate voted to oust Dilma. Radio Sputnik discussed the situation in Brazil with Peter Koenig, former World Bank member and geopolitical analyst.

    “What amazes me most always is that this so called progressive media do hardly mention the long and bloody hand of Washington in this coup. Just about a year ago international lawyers were very clear about baselessness of impeachment of Rousseff," Koenig said.

    He further said, "They also mentioned the illegality of launching such a procedure because there was really nothing that could be reproached against Dilma Rousseff except that she may have manipulated the government’s accounts, not stealing but just to make the accounts look better. Exactly what Europe is doing all the time, what the US is doing as well,” Koenig said.

    “Nevertheless the neo-nazi oligarchy succeeded with the help of the US of course.”

    The analyst further spoke about how for some reason Michel Timer, who allegedly has high corruption crime charges, in excess of $40 million, is likely to escape criminal prosecution.

    “The real criminals are escaping justice and staying in power and that is precisely what Washington wants; free access to all the country’s riches, such as hydro carbons, tropical forests and almost endless resources of fresh waters in the Amazon region and the underground. Let’s not even talk about the countless amounts of mineral resources.”

    He further spoke about how the US plans to privatize Brazil’s resources and especially water which will be in shortage in the near future.

    “Michel Timer has already talked about the massive austerity programs, cutting off health and education benefits, pensions etc. It will create massive unemployment and poverty. The scheme is well known.”

    Washington is behind this coup because only a year ago secret talks between the IMF, the World Bank and the current coup organizers were held. Brazil is going to be handed over first to the IMF which will make sure that the austerity program is implemented like in Greece.

    Then the World Bank will make sure that the debt level is so high that privatization of debt assets becomes unavoidable.

    “By controlling Brazil, Washington has its claws firmly on Latin America almost as if the renowned democratic revolution in Latin America pushing towards independence never took place. It’s a shame but that’s what it look like right now.”

    The analyst also mentioned an important link of Brazil to BRICS. He said that Brazil is vital to BRICS. He spoke about how Russia and China, which are part of BRICS, have their economy as gold based while the Western economy is made out of thin air.

    Koenig further spoke about the consequences of foreign intervention for Brazil and how it can affect Dilma Rousseff’s case.

    Rouseff pledged to appeal her impeachment while speaking to her supporters from the presidential palace after the vote. She insisted on her innocence and said her removal was a “parliamentary coup."

    Earlier in May, the Senate supported the launch of impeachment proceedings against Rousseff amid accusations of concealing the country’s budget deficit ahead of her 2014 re-election.

    Michel Temer will now serve as president until 2019, when new elections will take place.


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