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    The three countries with the highest meet consumption are located in Latin America. Residents of Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil adore meat dishes whether it is cooked on the grill or in the oven.

    In 2013, the world’s beef consumption amounted to 56.8 million tons, with the primary consumers being the United States, Brazil, European Union, China and Argentina.

    ​“Any lunch ideas? Here are some delicious Argentinian meat pies.”

    According to a study conducted by the Argentinian National University, together, these states account for 64% of global consumption.

    “Ingredients for Milanesa: 8 fillet 1 cm thick, one bar of breadcrumbs is necessary…”

    However, analyzing consumption per capita, first place goes to Uruguay, a country with population of only 3.4 million people.

    According to the study, in 2012 each Uruguayan consumed about 60.6 kg of meat. In second place was Argentina with 59.1 kg and third place was Brazil with 39.4 kg per person).

    “Eating meat is a Uruguayan tradition, which becomes stronger every year. In our culture, meat products are always present. We adore ‘asado,’ meat cooked on the grill or open fire. Without doubt, the product’s high quality affects our crazy love for meat,” Mabel Puig, president of the Rural Durazno Province Association, told Sputnik.

    Not surprisingly, another Latin American country holds the record for cooking the largest asado dish in the world. Argentinian city, General Pico in La Pampa Province, is known as “the world capital of asado."

    ​"Sunday roast."

    In 2011, Argentinian local cooks served the world’s largest asado dish. 13,713 kilograms of beef was roasted over a slow fire by 58 chefs.

    “Did you know? In 2011 Gral Pico entered the Guinness by the world’s largest roast.”

    Earlier, in 2008, Uruguayan chefs cooked 12 metric tons of meat and held the world’s record until 2011.


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