21:45 GMT +326 March 2017
    Brazilian acting President Michel Temer is seen during the first ministers meeting at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia

    WikiLeaks Reveals Interim Brazilian President as US Intelligence Informant

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    Latin America
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    Brazil’s interim President Michel Temer provided political intelligence to the US National Security Council and military in his capacity as leader of the ruling PMDB party, the WikiLeaks investigative website revealed Friday, citing its 2006 cables.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — In two January and June 2006 cables marked "Sensitive," Temer relayed his views on party unity and upcoming presidential elections to the US Southern Command in Miami and the US National Security Council among other recipients, WikiLeaks said.

    "Brasil's new president #Temer was an embassy informant for US intelligence, military," the website tweeted.

    Temer, who assumed the presidency on Thursday following suspension of his predecessor Dilma Rousseff’s over impeachment procedures, presided over the PMDB from 2001 until April 5, 2016.

    On Thursday, the upper house of the Brazilian parliament voted 55-22 to open impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff after she was accused of concealing the country’s budget deficit ahead of the 2014 re-election. She was suspended for 180 days and her office was assumed by Vice President Michel Temer


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    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      And people still believe that any mass protest (except in the eu-us allies) are genuine..
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      Jews continuous Coup D'etat all around the world to install New World Order.
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      Since I see Wikileaks as suspect, I think this is an interesting article and a planned "leak". Is there a reason the US would want this known?

      Perhaps the objective is just to destroy the potential for Olympic success and prepare for a real coup later because the popular support isn't there now. The CIA seems to like to weaken economies as a way to gain public hostility against the government.

      So they throw a failed coup to get people used to the idea. Then later the MSM will say something like "Rousseff has been facing a wave of public discontent for over ..." as a way to normalize abnormality. So they later claim the CIA attempt failed, but the latter coup was actually the will of the people. Something like that.
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      Marques rougesin reply toMayoh(Show commentHide comment)
      Mayoh, They tested Roussef by installing a hard-core settler as ambassador. She refused. Her fate was sealed.
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      jasin reply toMarques rouges(Show commentHide comment)
      Marques rouges, That's an interesting point. Many similar actions seem to be coordinated with other events like that. I will sometimes do a Google search to find what was happening that month or two before.
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      There you go Brazil.
      Your revolution must kick the traitor out and put Rousseff back as president.
      This will send US. A strong message of Brazilian unity.
      Do it NOW !
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      A thoroughly corrupt traitor who spies for the US imperialists at the helm of affairs of South America's largest economy. How low can a people sink. Very sad and sickening development
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      Question: Why did Wikileaks take so long to bring this to the public. Milk spilt, wanna mop up?
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      UDENTA O UDENTAin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, A revolution delayed is a revolution betrayed. How long are the patriots of Brazil going to wait to "kick the traitor out and put Rousseff back as president", as you so powerfully declared. How long?
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      Normal he is Lebanese origin, ready to sell his mother and sister to make money.
      I will not be surprised that he sells other things.
      A puppet,a dog.
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      jasin reply togoldcamshaft(Show commentHide comment)
      goldcamshaft, Yes, that is a good question.
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      in reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, This would be very nice indeed.
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      Want2B Wiseguy, First of all, Why do you call me Fool? Could I call you Stupid? Listen Stupid, I know perfectly that Jews like you are not real Jews, you are Khazars that converted to Judaism and later on created a political movement named Zionism, same like in the time of Jesus were the Pharisees, but all of You (and that include You) call yourself Jews and brag on it, all of you play the same game. The only thing you don't get it that the whole world already wake-up your Protocols of Zion, and the whole world is questioning; What are you doing inside their respective countries? Specially occupying government positions?. I know what you are trying to do here, but you are the real deception, I know Who you are. And by the way, for your information, because you don't know me and don't attempt to "educate" me. I Do Not work for Jews. Maybe You need to work for them (as a Sayanim probably) but I don't and deal with it. Jews have been expelled 109 times mostly in Europe since 250 A.C, in Russia only around 9 times.
      I belong to the generation that read Books, not internet.
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      Mayohin reply toMarques rouges(Show commentHide comment)
      Marques rouges, "They", Who are They??? You mean the 40 out of 74 U.S officials Jews or married with Jews that rule inside the U.S State Department today, if "they" are them, yes, of course I believe you, agree!!!... and by the way, the war started way back than that, the fact that Brazil costed to U.S the military planes a big chunk of money deal to Boeing when Brazil chose Saab instead. That is Shin-Shin, Money-Money and for me that was the last drop, that hurt more than any ambassador pride, but I am agree with you in that too.
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      arnelmadrinan, brazilian nuts on cedar tree!
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      Hopefully he won't be in office long.
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