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    Former Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman

    Investigator Says Argentine Prosecutor Who'd Probed Terrorist Plot Murdered

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    Latin America
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    According to the official investigating Alberto Nisman’s death, there is evidence that the Argentine prosecutor was murdered. Nisman was found dead soon after he accused then-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of shielding Iran's involvement in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center.

    Nisman's body was discovered on the bathroom floor of his apartment in Buenos Aires. At the time, Nisman had been leading Argentina's inquiry into the deadly 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center, in which 85 people were killed and 300 were wounded. He accused Iran of having ordered the attack, via the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah.

    Nisman was found with a bullet in his head and a pistol lying nearby. The death was classified a suicide, but the prosecutor's family and friends opposed the judgment, insisting that the circumstances of the case, as well as the personality of the deceased, indicated it was a homicide.

    "Nisman was in charge of the investigation of the worst terrorist attack suffered by our country," said Ricardo Saenz, the prosecutor before the Buenos Aires Criminal Appeals Court. "And he was found dead four days after making very serious accusations for the cover-up of that attack."

    On Thursday, Saenz declared to judges at the criminal court that Nisman was murdered and recommended that the case be handed over to federal authorities. He claimed that the prosecutor received death threats, that he was struck multiple times before being shot, and that his body had been moved, among other evidence.

    "The evidence up to this point supports the hypothesis that Alberto Nisman was the victim of the crime of homicide," Saenz wrote in a recommendation letter to the court.

    This is the first time an official publicly affirmed that Nisman's death was a homicide. The move followed the inauguration of President Mauricio Macri, who vowed during his campaign to get to the bottom of Nisman's mysterious death.

    Nisman died one day before a scheduled appearance in Congress where he was scheduled to deliver a report accusing Kirchner of shielding high-ranking Iranian officials from prosecution over the bombing. Kirchner called Nisman's allegations an attempt to destabilize her government.


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      As soon as the government changes in Argentina, the new and US-friendly government announces what the US and Israel would like to hear. Something doth smell fishy not only in Denmark, but...
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      First you need to prove his claims with facts. CIA and others are known to do this to create a wedge. Be careful. IF there is no real evidence on his claim, then , follow a smoking gun. Israel can find this rather quick. and could tell. There are others that are even better.
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      //When experts from Argentina’s National Engineering Academy at Tucuman University concluded in their report to Argentina’s Supreme Court that the Embassy explosion came from inside, Ambassador Aviran branded the University as Anti-Semitic, the engineering surveyors as Anti-Semites, and the Supreme Court and its president Julio Nazareno as Anti-Semites… all on nationwide TV!//

      An excerpt from Argentinian scholar Adrian Salbuchi's short but comprehensive piece he wrote for RT:

      This was a classical Mossad false flag operation. Iranians must have a tender heart for Jews to go through so much trouble in a foreign country to blow up a Jewish Center exactly when there was not a single Jew in the building!

      What happened to Nisman is what happened to Dutch anti-moslem film maker Theo van Gogh or anti-Syrian Lebanese Rafiq Harriri, the dumb people who are happy to be supported by Israelis against Israel's enemies, oblivious to being sacrificed when their dead bodies are far more effective for Israel in blaming their enemies.
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