14:40 GMT09 April 2020
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    • Migrants from Eritrea in Lampedusa, Italy
      Last update: 11:48 GMT 09.12.2019
      11:48 GMT 09.12.2019

      EU Failing to Fight Illegal Migration is a Big Problem for Italy - Lega Party MP

      Italy’s Lega party still has high ratings despite the break-up of the ruling coalition. Italy's previous government collapsed in August when Matteo Salvini, then-deputy prime minister, called for a no-confidence vote on the government and the prime minister in pursuit of a snap general election.

    • Boris Abramov
      Last update: 17:43 GMT 28.11.2019
      17:43 GMT 28.11.2019

      New Rules, New Hopes: UK-Russian Trade Strengthening Despite Western Sanctions, Brexit - Diplomat

      Speaking to attendees at the forum on Wednesday, one of Russia's top officials addressed both the challenges and opportunities in striking business deals between Russia and the United Kingdom amid the Western-led sanctions regime, as well as the reason why the London-based event was a crucial platform for resolving such crises.

    • Russian-British Business Forum panel discussion
      Last update: 14:15 GMT 28.11.2019
      14:15 GMT 28.11.2019

      UK 'Russophobia' a Blessing and a Curse to Doing Business With Moscow Amid Western Sanctions - CEO

      A British businessman attending the Russian-British Business Forum 2019 on Wednesday asked a panel of entrepreneurs from both countries if they were feeling the pressure of Russophobia in the UK, and whether it had impacted their businesses.

    • The Palestinian flag flies in the wind after a Rose Garden ceremony at the United Nations headquarters
      Last update: 12:59 GMT 26.11.2019
      12:59 GMT 26.11.2019

      ‘Palestine Needs International Direct Mediation’ – Palestine Ambassador to UK

      On November 2019, Morocco held the annual international forum MEDays, which takes place every year in Tangier under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI, organised by the Amadeus Institute.

    • Former Bolivian President Evo Morales in Mexico City
      Last update: 13:55 GMT 23.11.2019
      13:55 GMT 23.11.2019

      Evo Morales: I Wish I Could Return to Bolivia Tomorrow

      Former Bolivian President Evo Morales, who resigned due to the protests that engulfed the country following the recent elections, has told Sputnik exactly what happened during those days – when he decided to resign, whether the transfer of power was legal, how he managed to leave for Mexico, and who tried to stop him.

    • Africa
      Last update: 15:27 GMT 18.11.2019
      15:27 GMT 18.11.2019

      Commercial Wars and Energy Wars: a Zero-Sum War?

      MEDays forum, attracting more than 2,500 attendees, has concluded in Tangier, Morocco on 16 November. The three-day forum was dedicated to issues of geostrategic, political, economic and social importance in the Mediterranean, African, and Arab states.

    • Brexit
      Last update: 16:33 GMT 17.11.2019
      16:33 GMT 17.11.2019

      Bill Rammell: African States Will Have More Leverage in Trade Talks With UK Post-Brexit

      Morocco is welcoming the MEDays forum, which attracted over 2,500 attendees, including over 150 international speakers and more than 80 government representatives. The forum is dedicated to issues of geostrategic, political, economic and social importance in the Mediterranean, African, and Arab states.

    • A worker hoists Italy's flag along with the flags of the European Union and African countries participating in the EU-Africa summit Friday, Dec. 7, 2007, in Lisbon
      Last update: 15:07 GMT 15.11.2019
      15:07 GMT 15.11.2019

      Europe is Very Young Entity, We Need Some Time to Build European Identity - Ex-President of Croatia

      International Forum MEDays kicked off in Tangier, Morocco on 13 November. The three-day event was launched under the topic "Global distrust crisis: Facing subversion and uncertainties". The gathering welcomes 4,500 attendees, including political analysts, and business leaders from more than 80 countries.

    • Police near the senate in Bolivia
      Last update: 06:56 GMT 14.11.2019
      06:56 GMT 14.11.2019

      Ex-Head of Bolivian Senate: No One Wants a Civil War

      Sputnik has spoken to former Head of the Bolivian Senate Adriana Salvatierra, who left office after the resignation of Evo Morales, to discuss the situation in the country.

    • Bolivia's President Evo Morales arrives a press conference at the military airport in El Alto, Bolivia, Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019
      Last update: 18:41 GMT 11.11.2019
      18:41 GMT 11.11.2019

      Bolivian Coup d’Etat Would Set Precedent for Other Latin American Countries - Scholar

      Last week, Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned after the country's armed forces sided with demonstrators who had were opposing his serving a fourth term.

    • A restorer fixes a restored piece of the face of a man bust, which is one of the two funeral reliefs from Palmyra archeological site that will be restored at the Higher Institute of Conservation and Restoration (ISCR - Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro) in Rome, on February 16, 2017.
      Last update: 11:58 GMT 09.11.2019
      11:58 GMT 09.11.2019

      Daesh Earns from Trade of Looted Antiquities, Artifacts – UN Team

      GENOA (Sputnik), Daesh has destroyed and pillaged numerous cultural heritage sites in the Middle East and stolen ancient treasures to raise funds for its terror operations. The Illicit trade in antiquities is a crime under international law.

    • The Syrian army conducts mine clearance outside the town of Khan Sheikhoun after its liberation, Idlib province, Syria
      Last update: 10:01 GMT 09.11.2019
      10:01 GMT 09.11.2019

      Syria’s Idlib Still Has Over 10,000 Terrorists – UN Monitoring Team

      GENOA (Sputnik), Anastasia Levchenko - US President Donald Trump announced that Daesh* leader al-Baghdadi was slain on 27 October, adding that he killed himself after detonating a suicide vest.

    • A crew member raises the Iranian flag at Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1, formerly named Grace 1, as it sits anchored after the Supreme Court of the British territory lifted its detention order, in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, August 18, 2019.
      Last update: 12:48 GMT 08.11.2019
      12:48 GMT 08.11.2019

      'Europe Must Ensure Iran Oil Exports & Bank Transactions' – Iranian Deputy FM

      On the side-lines of the 2019 Moscow Non-Proliferation Conference, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, in an exclusive interview with Sputnik, spoke about how the forthcoming US presidential election could affect the JCPOA.

    • Youth walk under an Islamic State flag in Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon January 19, 2016
      Last update: 11:25 GMT 08.11.2019
      11:25 GMT 08.11.2019

      Daesh Terrorists Pose Bigger Immediate Threat Than al-Qaeda – UN Team

      GENOA (Sputnik), Anastasia Levchenko - In late October, US President Donald Trump said that Daesh leader al-Baghdadi had been killed in a US operation in Idlib, Syria. The Daesh terrorist group reportedly confirmed the death of its leader on 31 October.

    • Displaced Syrian children stand behind a fence outside their tents in a camp set up near the village of Kafr Lusin, in Idlib's northern countryside near the Syria-Turkey border, on October 22, 2019.
      Last update: 17:17 GMT 25.10.2019
      17:17 GMT 25.10.2019

      UN-Sponsored Safe Zone in North Syria Unnecessary, Would Not Help - Russian Envoy to EU

      What are the prospects for gas transit talks between Russia, Ukraine and the EU? Will the EU change its policy on Russia after Brexit? What awaits Syria after the agreement reached between Putin and Erdogan? Vladimir Chizhov, Permanent Representative of Russia to the European Union, shares his views on the most pressing issues of global politics.

    • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being taken from court, where he appeared on charges of jumping British bail seven years ago
      Last update: 07:09 GMT 25.10.2019
      07:09 GMT 25.10.2019

      Julian Assange Shows All the Symptoms of a Torture Victim - Human Rights Activist

      Concerns for the mental and physical welfare of Julian Assange are mounting among human rights activists- as the mainstream media continue to mock his declining health.

    • Italian crisis
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 25.10.2019
      04:30 GMT 25.10.2019

      'State Should Get Money not From Taxes, but from Reducing Unnecessary Expenses' - Italia Viva Member

      The tenth Leopolda meeting (a political meeting held annually on the initiative of Matteo Renzi since 2010 near the former Leopolda train station in Florence) has been held in Florence with a record number of participants registered.

    • Artificial Intelligence
      Last update: 19:10 GMT 24.10.2019
      19:10 GMT 24.10.2019

      We Have to Develop Scalable Methods for AI Control so it Remains Aligned With Human Values - Prof.

      As artificial intelligence technology is becoming more intelligent and integrated into our lives, teaching machines about human ethics is an important task according to Nick Bostrom, an Oxford University Professor and the head of the Future of Humanity Institute that’s also home to the Center for the Governance of Artificial Intelligence.

    • Open Innovations Forum in Skolkovo
      Last update: 18:08 GMT 24.10.2019
      18:08 GMT 24.10.2019

      'Success is a Lousy Teacher' – Stuart Lawson

      Why are failures necessary in business and in life? Stuart Lawson, a senior advisor for EYRussia and CIS, Board director of Skolkovo Ventures, board member of the Association of European Businesses, chairman of the Finance and Investment Committee and co-chairman of the banking committee, reflects in an exclusive interview with Sputnik.

    • Data security
      Last update: 12:23 GMT 24.10.2019
      12:23 GMT 24.10.2019

      Machine Learning Helps Save Money, Provides Better Analysis for Business - AI Consulting Company CEO

      That’s the message of Peter Morgan, CEO of Deep Learning Partnership and author of ‘Machine Learning is Changing the Rules: Ways Businesses Can Utilize AI to Innovate’ report. Morgan spoke to Sputnik on the sidelines the VIII International Forum on New Technologies in Global Economy - “Open Innovations”- held by Russia’s Skolkovo Innovation Centre.