04:11 GMT19 September 2020
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    Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski has urged Britain’s Prime Minister not to cave into EU demands over the UK’s fishing rights. The comments from Kawczynski follow reports from Brussels which suggested that the EU was anticipating the UK to surrender its fishing waters to ensure that Britain would no longer be subject to any of the EU's regulations.

    With more on this story, Sputnik spoke to the political commentator Brian Silvester, in this interview.

    Sputnik: With the UK being pressured into giving up its fishing rights… What effect would this have on Brexit?

    Brian Silvester: Well, I'm very surprised to hear that this Tory MP has said that because he or she knows full well that Boris has signed us up to Brexit in name only. That's what he agreed to last October and that is what was voted through in January by the new House of Commons.

    Boris signed that international treaty in January and so he has signed us up to Brexit in name only, which means that the European Union will still have control over us, now that I find that extremely sad indeed and Boris has let down totally the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit.

    He said he was going to get Brexit done and he has done the opposite.

    Sputnik: After 7 rounds of trade negotiations and 4 years of talks but still no deal what is the best course of action for the UK?

    Brian Silvester: Unfortunately, we can't now do a no-deal. What Boris should have done quite clearly is after he won the election in December last year, he got his 80 [seat] majority, a huge majority, he should have used that majority to say right to the European Union - we're now going to leave on no deal and he could have got that so easily in the House of Commons because you've got the 80 [seat] majority but he chose not to.

    He chose to sign up for Brexit in name only. It was Mrs Mays deal, with a few changes, and it is total and utter treachery by both Johnson and sadly most people still don't realise, and obviously that Tory MP doesn't realise, what they actually voted for.

    Because what the Tory MPs, all of them, all of them have voted for Brexit in name only and that means the European EU dictators will still have control over the United Kingdom.

    Sputnik: Have politicians and civil servants lived up to the promises of Brexit being a priority for the UK as we saw in the 2019 general election?

    Brian Silvester: People thought when they were voting for Boris, they were voting for controls on immigration but immigration has got worse.

    We're now seeing the amount of illegal immigrants coming across the channel, about 4500 this year alone, more than double the previous year and these illegal immigrants are allowed into the UK and then they're housed in four-star hotels, and the government has signed a 4 billion pound deal for a 10-year programme with 50 UK hotels to house these illegal immigrants.

    Those illegal immigrants from France should not be allowed to set foot in the United Kingdom. They should be turned around and sent back.

    We've got armed service veterans who are living on the streets who are not housed at all - nothing is ever done for them but when these illegals come in, they're given a four-star hotel. It's a total otter scandal.

    Sadly, because Boris has done the opposite of what he promised and he's now signed an international treaty which commits us to be under the control of the EU dictators forevermore, then there's little we can do. All we can do is to start another campaign to get a real Brexit.

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